Health Sciences FAQs

1. Access Moodle courses?

You can access Moodle directly at or from the “Quick Links” menu located on the right side of the Smith Library Home page.

2. Arrange for a library tour or orientation for staff, students, or myself?

You can do this by contacting Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick, the Smith Library’s Associate Director.She can be reached at either (via e-mail) or 973/972-5498 (x 2-5498). Additionally, a request form is located on the “Services-->More...” menu in the “General Reference Services” section. The Library Orientation or Tour request form may be found directly at

3. Arrange for a librarian to teach my students a library topics, such as how to search specific databases that cover our discipline, using e-books or EndNote software, etc.

See #2 above.

4. Download EndNote software for my personal or office computer?

Under the “Quick Links” list, located on the right side of the Smith Library Home page, you will find a link to EndNote.  This will take you to a page that provides some basic information about the product, as well as the links to downloading it for Windows or Macintosh computers.  It is available directly at

5. Find a list of articles on my topic?

For a complete list of our searchable databases, which contain citations to articles and many links to the full texts of those articles, you can go to or click on the “Health Sciences Databases” link on the "Library Resources" the Smith Library Home page.  Links to frequently-used databases, such as PubMed, CINAHL, and MEDLINE, are also found in the “Quick Links” menu located on the right side of the Home page.

6. Get access to the wireless network, in order to use my laptop while on campus?

The new secure wireless capability has been deployed at selected gathering locations such as student lounges, faculty lounges, library locations, and designated outside areas.

In order to access any of the “Rutgers Wireless Network” on the RBHS campus, you must be registered with the Information Services & Technology Department (IST). To register for wireless access, go to

Once your registration has been processed, an e-mail will be generated and sent to you with pertinent wireless account information and instructions on how to access the Rutgers Wireless Network.

You can verify your account at

For wireless support, please contact the IST Service Center at 732-743-3200. Email at

7. Get off-campus or remote access to e-resources (databases, books, journals)?

If you are off-campus and need access to e-reources, the first rule is to begin your search at one of the University Libraries campus Home pages, such as (Newark Campus).  When you click on a licensed resource you will be prompted to authenticate with our proxy server.  You will be asked to do this by one of two methods:  CORE User Name and Password OR Last Name and Password.  If using the latter method, your password will be the last four (4) digits of your University “A” number.  If you have a hyphenated last name, like Smith-Jones, drop the hyphen and leave a space, e.g. Smith Jones.  If your last name contains an apostrophe, such as O’Hara, drop the apostrophe and leave no space, e.g. Ohara.

8. Request an article that is not owned by one of the University campus libraries?
9. Request that a textbook be placed on Reserve for students at the Smith Library?

For assistance with having materials placed on Reserve for a course, please contact Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick via e-mail at or via telephone at 973-972-5498).  Requests may also be submitted electronically by using the form found at  Information for course instructors is provided on this page, along with a link to the e-form.

10. Select the best databases or other resources to use to research a topic?

A good way to start would be to consider using one of our Research Guides.  They can be found under the “Quick Links”, located on the right side of the Smith Library Home page, or directly at Research Guides are designed to provide you with a quick overview of the best resources on a particular topic.  They are divided up by material type, e.g. books, databases, journals, Web sites, etc. and include direct links to resources listed that are in an electronic format.  Call numbers or location information is supplied for print resources. You can also schedule a consultation or ask for assistance at the Information Desk, located on the main floor of the Smith Library.

11. Sign up for a library workshop?

A list of regularly scheduled library workshops is located at  This contains the name of the workshop, a brief description of what will be taught, a calendar of workshop offerings, and an electronic registration form.