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Health e-Galaxy 2013 - 2015

Title Call Number Released
A Team Approach to Diagnosing and Managing Fibromyalgia W20 H434 no.902 2013 1/14/13
Why are We Still Talking About Hypertension? W20 H434 no.903 2013 2/15/13
Diagnosing Rheumatoid Arthritis: Epidemiology, Clinical Features, and Prognosis W20 H434 no.904 2013 5/31/13
Cognitive Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis: New Research on Diagnosis and Management W20 H434 no.905 2013 7/22/13
Osteoporosis: A Clinical Review W20 H434 no.906 2013 8/29/13
Guiding Cardiovascular Patients and Their Families at the End of Life W20 H434 no.907 2013 10/15/13
Contemporary Issues in the Management of COPD and Asthma W20 H434 no.908 2013 11/4/13
Individualizing Treatment and Stroke Prophylaxis for Atrial Fibrillation W20 H434 no.909 2013 12/5/13
Hypertension : Clinical Perspectives on a Persistent Problem W20 H434 no.910 2014 1/10/14
Promoting Heart-Healthy Eating to Optimize Cardiovascular Nutrition W20 H434 no.911 2014 2/14/14
Heart Failure in Clinical Perspective W20 H434 no.912 2014 3/17/14
Medical and Surgical Approaches for Obesity Management W20 H434 no.913 2014 4/25/14
Medical Radiation: Controversy and Dose Reduction Tips W20 H434 no.914 2014 5/30/14
A Practical Approach to Anemia in the Pediatric Patient W20 H434 no.915 2014 6/30/14
Occupational Medicine and Cumulative Trauma Disorders W20 H434 no.916 2014 7/31/14
Antibiotics: Newer Agents, New Uses for Older Agents, and Strategies to Minimize Resistance W20 H434 no.917 2014 8/29/14
Irritable Bowel Syndrome W20 H434 no.918 2014 9/30/14
Empathy and Patient Care W20 H434 no.919 2014 11/10/14
Novel Oral Anticoagulants to Enhance Stroke Prevention in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation W20 H434 no.920 2014 12/29/14
Pericardial Diseases W20 H434 no.921 2015 1/30/15
Office Management of Chronic Pain: A Best Practice Method W20 H434 no.922 2015 3/22/15
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion in Sports W20 H434 no.923 2015 4/30/15