Library Meeting Rooms: John Cotton Dana Library, Newark

Use of the Dana Room and Seminar Room

The Dana Room and the Seminar Room (Room 215) at the Dana Library are primarily for use by programs conducted or sponsored by the Library, and secondarily for classes and programs of Rutgers-Newark campus departments and groups. The Library goal is to make the rooms available at no charge. Applications to use the Dana Room or Seminar Room must be made at least one week in advance of the scheduled event. The Library requires timely notification of cancellations, so that the room may be made available to another group.

The Library reserves the right to preempt the use of meeting space for library purposes with a two week notice to the individual or organization that had requested that space.

General Rules of Use

  1. There is no charge for use of the Dana Room or the Seminar Room.
  2. Attendance at authorized meetings may not exceed the maximum room capacity. The maximum capacity for the Dana Rook is 80 in row seating; the maximum capacity for the Seminar Room is 30.
  3. No food may be served in the rooms without prior approval. No alcohol may be served at any time. No smoking is permitted. Burning of any materials, including incense and candles, is prohibited.
  4. The Dana Room or the Seminar Room must be left in acceptable, un-littered condition. Tables and chairs should be returned to the positions in which they were found.
  5. Events must begin during Library hours. Special arrangements should be made, as a part of the reservation, for events that will go beyond Library hours.
  6. Meetings must be conducted in a manner that does not disrupt library operations.
  7. Use of audio-visual equipment in the rooms must be arranged at the time of reservation.
  8. The Library will not provide storage space and assumes no responsibility for equipment or personal articles belonging to applicants or others using the rooms.
  9. The individual applicant accepts liability for either damage to library facilities or loss of library property and shall be responsible for paying the cost of any damage or loss incurred by the Library by the actions of any member of the department, group, or others in attendance during the program. The Library is the sole determinant of whether damaged furnishings or equipment can be repaired or must be replaced. The individual, department, or group will not be permitted to reserve the Dana Room or Seminar Room again until the costs of repairs or replacement of damaged items have been paid.
  10. If the Library will be closed due to adverse weather conditions, an attempt will be made to contact the applicant regarding cancellation and possible rescheduling of the room.
  11. The applicant assumes responsibility for participant accommodations (e.g., assistive listening devices, etc.) and specific articles of compliance, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  12. Library personnel must have free access to the Dana Room and the Seminar Room at all times. The Library retains the right to monitor all meetings conducted on the premises to ensure compliance with the above rules. Infringement of any of the rules stated here shall be grounds for denial of future use of meeting space in the library.