Licensed Digital Resources

The Rutgers University Libraries obtain many indexes, databases, electronic journals, electronic reserves, and other full-text resources through commercial licensing agreements that restrict access to current students, faculty, and staff and all onsite users. Onsite users may gain access, but only current students, faculty, and staff of the university may connect from remote locations.

Library licensing negotiations secure for the Rutgers community the ability to use digital resources for normal educational and research purposes. Basic uses requested are the ability to print, download, and email information and to fill interlibrary loan requests from digital resources. Agreements that preserve copyright fair use and recognize educational and library exemptions in copyright law are sought. Requests to make more extensive use of licensed resources for grants or projects should be directed to the contact listed below.

Authorized Rutgers users comprise all current students, faculty, and staff of the university, wherever they are located, and all onsite users. The Rutgers University Libraries have a secure proxy server that authenticates authorized users for remote access.

Rutgers University sites are defined as every campus location, physical and virtual, as well as remote research and learning locations.

Acceptable uses by authorized Rutgers users are defined as permission to:

  • View and search the content of the online resource
  • Download individual items or articles for the individual use of an authorized user
  • Print individual articles from the online resource for the individual use of an authorized user

If a contract is silent about copying, then standard fair use exceptions might apply.

The Rutgers University Libraries agree to assist in the management of user behavior by making reasonable efforts to ensure compliance with license provisions and by providing appropriate notice of conditions under which access to the licensed materials is granted.

Gracemary Smulewitz, Head of Collection Services and Resources Sharing
Phone: 848-932-6120 / Email: