Food and Drink Policy

Rutgers University Libraries' food and drink policy is intended not only to preserve our library collections and equipment and to maintain the overall longevity and comfort of library furnishings but also to provide an environment respectful of all students' study needs. Policies vary among library locations depending on local resources and practices.

Camden, New Brunswick library locations

The consumption of food and drinks are permitted, except in designated areas (see below). Library users must avoid consuming items that create messes, smells and/or noise. Users whose food disrupts others will be asked to put their food away or enjoy it outside the Libraries. All library users are expected to act responsibly and courteously by disposing of trash and recyclables, and cleaning up spills and crumbs. Please report major spills to library staff as soon as possible.

Areas with restricted food or drink policies:

  • Special Collections and University Archives and Robeson Library Special Collections: No food or drink
  • Computer classrooms, labs and workstations: No food; Covered drinks OK
  • Robeson Library study rooms and silent study zone: No food; Covered drinks OK

Newark, RBHS library locations

Food is allowed only at library-approved events.

Drink is permitted only in spill-proof containers. Drinks, regardless of container, are not permitted in posted areas such as the Institute of Jazz Studies and computing areas.

Approved spill-proof containers include:

  • Spill-proof mugs with secure lids
  • Sports bottles with a drinking spout
  • Drink in capped bottles


Users who do not comply with these policies will be asked to take the food or drink outside the Libraries.