Tutorials in Information Literacy & Critical Thinking Skills

This online instruction includes lessons on information literacy and critical thinking. The lessons are mapped to instructional standards including the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics (Information Literacy and others), the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy, and the ACRL Visual Literacy Standards. We also provide access to online lessons in health sciences research skills.

Citation Styles
Covers APA, MLA, Turabian and Chicago citation styles.

Information Ethics
Tips on plagiarism and citations and avoiding plagiarism.

Evaluating Information
Learn to evaluate resources for authority, accuracy, and other criteria.

Visual and Quantitative Literacy
Being able to locate, evaluate, and understand visual images. Also covers how to use quantitative data to form conclusions.

Getting Started with Research
Covers why information literacy skills matter and how to get started with a research project.

Sources of Information
How information is created and the different types of sources one might encounter while doing research.

Searching for Information
Basics of searching for information - including choosing the right source, identifying keywords, and employing search techniques.

Presenting and Organizing Information
The basics of using information and presenting it to others.

Culture and Citizenship
What it means to be a digital citizen and examining our relationship with information in online spaces.

Using Critical Thinking and Logic
Why thinking matters and the importance of reasoning and analyzing information.