Study Room Policy for Camden


Study rooms are intended as a quiet place for students to work and study. Due to social distancing restrictions, the current occupancy of each room is limited to one student per study room. Students must swipe their Rutgers ID to gain access to the study rooms.

If you are familiar with this system you may book a room now.

If you have any questions or concerns about the study room equipment please feel free to contact the RU - Camden IT Help Desk located on the main floor of the Paul Robeson Library.

Technical Support can also be reached anytime by email at or by phone during operating hours at 856-225-6274.

Please also be sure to review the usage policies for these rooms.

Who can reserve rooms?

Only current Rutgers Students with a valid Rutgers NetID may reserve rooms for study using the reservation system. Other users not listed cannot reserve a room at this time.

You can now view a map of the second floor if you would like to see the floor layout before your reservation.

Calendar Icon How do I reserve a study room in?

Study Rooms may only be reserved through our online reservation system:

Step 1: Login at

Step 2: Select a day you would like to reserve.

Calendar selection example

Step 3: Find a room from the first column.
Note: You may wish to check the room capacity first to ensure you have the right size room. To check a room’s capacity you can place your mouse over the room number as seen below.

Room selection example

When can we reserve the room?

A study room may be booked for 2 hours per day in 1-hour increments. You may use a total of 8 hours maximum in a period that covers 5 days prior to and after the current date.

See the following example of an acceptable range of days a student could reserve a study room.

Acceptable range of days example

You will receive an email confirming your reservation. The confirmation email is sent to your email account associated with your Rutgers NetID.

Users will automatically receive access 5-10 minutes before their reservation and for 15-20 minutes afterwards. If a user makes a real time reservation, it could take up to 3-5 minutes before they gain swipe access. The system will alert them of this.

How long can we have the room for?

Up to two hours per day in one-hour increments.


To avoid losing your time allowance for a meeting you cannot make, you may cancel your reservation online. To cancel a future session that has not already started click on your entry in the student view calendar, and then chose yes to the option asking if you want to cancel the event. We do not typically modify entries, but if you have a demonstrable issue please visit us at the circulation desk so we can review or assist you.

Late Arrival

There is a 15-minute grace period attached to your reservation. If you do not arrive within the grace period the reservation may be void and the room may become openly available.

What can you find in a study room?

Each room contains a large display monitor, an Apple TV, a Windows PC, and a room recording camera. The center of each table has a command console for cables to attach various USB/VGA/HDMI devices.

Usage Policies

  • Reservations are not transferable, and the user who makes the reservation must be in the room during the reserved time.
  • The study rooms are intended for use by Rutgers University students and are not open to the general public.
  • Any problems regarding room use should be immediately reported to one of the services desks located on the first floor either in-person or by phone. Reference Desk: 856-225-6034 and Circulation Desk: 856-225-2848.
  • Students who make reservations are guaranteed use of the room for the specific date and time requested. Other students must honor that request or will be asked to leave.
  • If a room has no reservation then it is open for student use.
  • If the room is booked for a specific time please vacate the room a few minutes in advance of the booking time so the next student can be accommodated.
  • Study rooms typically close one hour prior to closing.
  • Anyone who reserves a room is expected to clean up after themselves and leave the room ready for the next user.
  • Please keep voices to a minimum while using the study room.
  • Please refrain from eating food in the room or drinking from open containers.
  • Be sure to remove all personal trash and debris from the room.
  • Notices that you may be video recorded have been displayed at the entrance of this building. Please note that there are also ceiling-mounted cameras located in the study rooms. If the lighted switch on the wall of the room is illuminated you are requesting your copy of a recording. The person that schedules this room will receive a streaming link to their official Rutgers email. If you have any issues with not being able to receive your recording, please contact the RU - Camden IT Help Desk at

If you have any questions about the room reservation system in general or another library-related question please give us a call at 856-225-2848 or visit our service desks on the main floor.