Description of Collection

Alexander Library is the oldest and largest of the Rutgers University Libraries. It supports doctoral programs in anthropology, economics, geography, history, linguistics, literature (classical, comparative, English & American, French, German, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese), philosophy, political science, and sociology. Alexander also supports four professional schools: the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy; the Graduate School of Education; the Graduate School of Social Work; and the School of Communication and Information - all of which include doctoral programs. In addition, Alexander supports major interdisciplinary programs in African studies, Latin American studies, medieval studies, and South Asian Studies, as well as undergraduate study across the range of the humanities and social sciences.

Alexander Library has an especially strong collection in government publications:

  • United States (with special strengths in Congressional and Presidential documents, census materials from 1790 to the present, federal court decisions, and a wide range of departmental publications);
  • New Jersey (including some materials from counties and towns);
  • foreign (with strong holdings in materials from the United Kingdom);
  • and international (the European Community, the International Monetary Fund, UNESCO, the World Bank, and, in particular, the United Nations).

In addition, Alexander has a collection of children's books, a small collection of elementary and high school textbooks, and an extensive microform collection of historical newspapers, particularly those that were published in New Jersey.


December 5, 2013