ORCID® provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers and allows you to connect easily to funding  agencies, publishers, and collaborators. Enhancing your Rutgers directory listing with your ORCID id raises the visibility of your researcher profile and helps build an integrated Rutgers research environment.

Learn more about the benefits of ORCID for researchers

Create or connect an ORCID iD at Rutgers

Log into your Rutgers Personal Contact Information page and follow the prompts to create your ORCID iD or to connect an existing iD to your Rutgers information. Creating your ORCID iD via Rutgers will allow your ORCID iD to display in the Rutgers Directory and other Rutgers systems, and will allow you to sign on to ORCID and other systems (e.g., manuscript and grant submission systems) with your NetID. 

Using ORCID in SciENcv

Learn how to use ORCID in SciENcv to create NIH biosketches for grant proposals

Get help

Contact the support team at orcid@libraries.rutgers.edu

Download detailed instructions:

Read the 2016 Rutgers Senate report on adopting ORCID identifiers