Rutgers University Community Repository

RUcore: Rutgers University              Community Repository

RUcore, the Rutgers University Community Repository, can advance research and learning, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and contribute to the development of new knowledge through the archiving, preservation, and presentation of digital resources. Original research products and papers of the faculty and administrators, video conference proceedings, and the unique resources of the libraries will be permanently preserved and made available with tools developed to facilitate and encourage their continued use.

RUcore's Developing Collection

  • Primary source materials-manuscripts, photographs, maps, and multimedia, from the libraries' special collections.
  • Resources about New Jersey, from the state's libraries, museums, archives ,and historical societies from the New Jersey Digital Highway collection.
  • Electronic theses and dissertations, in collaboration with the Rutgers University graduate schools.
  • Faculty and departmental publications: pre-prints, postprints, presentations, technical reports, etc.
  • Video recordings of panel presentations and conferences

Last updated: April 26, 2017