Fordham Lab

The Sharon A. Fordham Multimedia Lab is composed of two spaces, the Multimedia Lab and the Fordham Commons, both located on the ground floor of the library.

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Kayo Denda, Head, Margery Somers Foster Center & Librarian For Women's Gender And Sexuality Studies

Stacey Carton, Manager- Fordham Commons

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Location and Phone

Douglass Library
8 Chapel Drive
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8527

More About the Lab

The Sharon A. Fordham Multimedia Lab is composed of two spaces – the Multimedia Lab, on the ground floor of the Douglass Library, and the Fordham Commons, located in the opposite corner of the same floor.

The Fordham Commons has 9 workstations available during posted Fordham Commons hours. The 16 workstations in the Multimedia Lab are available when classes are not in session during posted Fordham Multimedia Lab hours. All workstations are intended for the creation and manipulation of multimedia projects by members of the Rutgers University Community including students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

Recognizing that the lab is a shared resource for the Rutgers community, and that working with digital multimedia materials requires extraordinary computing and time resources, there are two special restrictions:

  • Users working on projects must provide their own storage medium, e.g. an external hard drive, to save and preserve their project.
  • Absolutely no food or drink is allowed while working with these special multimedia workstations. Capped water bottles only.

A Thank You to Sharon A. Fordham

The Libraries and the University community are indebted to Sharon A. Fordham, DC´75 for making our shared vision of the library of the 21st century come true. Information technology and media are offering new ways to transform how research is done and how students learn and work. In this transformative process, libraries are no longer just archives of what’s been created, but places where creation takes place, the results preserved, and then subsequently built upon — a real collaborative research and learning environment.

While our imagination for this lab started with music and the performing arts —  media intensive disciplines themselves — Sharon encouraged us to think more broadly, as multimedia will affect every discipline and all forms of research and learning into the future.

The result of our collaboration is a wonderful space where that transformation takes place every day — a place where faculty and students use multimedia to conceptualize and create new works. Sharon has helped make that happen, and the Rutgers community is grateful that she chose her alma mater as the place to turn a vision into reality.