Published Subject and Genre Guides

A number of subject and genre guides to the manuscript collections have been prepared over the years. Entries in the guides usually pertain to original personal and family papers or organizational records; however, descriptions of transcripts, reproductions and compilations are also included.

African Americans (1994 journal article)
Essay highlighting about two dozen collections with New Jersey connections; includes materials held in the Rutgers University Archives.

Agriculture (2008 booklet)
Guide, at the end of a larger bibliography, which describes approximately 70 collections; also includes selected materials held in the Rutgers University Archives.

American Literary Figures (1960 book)
Guide, entitled American Literary Manuscripts, that identifies quantities of authors' papers (e.g., letters sent, letters received and manuscripts of publications) held by various repositories, including Special Collections and University Archives; lacks detail about individual items. For the revised 1977 edition in book form, consult: SPCOL/UA / X-REF / Z6620.U5M6 1977

Civil War (2003 book)
Extensive, detailed guide that pertains to New Jersey and other Civil War holdings. The first part also includes transcriptions from the sources described; the second part does not. Request at New Jersey Room reference desk, or consult: SPCOL/UA / SINCLNJ / Z1313.S56 2003

Diaries and Journals (1980 pamphlet)
Descriptions of over 300 manuscripts from the 1740s to the 1950s; includes general diaries, as well as single subject diaries in the form of religious, travel, wartime and institutional journals.

Dutch Language (2017 handout)
Provisional list of manuscripts found in more than a dozen collections.

Labor History (1990 journal article) [Rutgers Restricted]
Essay referencing approximately 18 collections.

Medicine (1998 booklet)
Summaries of medical, pharmaceutical and health-related collections that pertain to New Jersey in some way; includes 55 entries.

Middle Ages and the Renaissance (Digital Scriptorium website)
Descriptions and images for 60 items (volumes, volume fragments and individual documents) that are included in a larger database of similar material; pertains to items from the 10th to the 16th centuries. To retrieve all items held by Special Collections and University Archives, enter only its location and name, via the pull-down menu, when making a search.

Newark-Related (Newark Archives Project website)
More than 160 descriptive entries included in a larger guide to "primary materials for all periods and all aspects of Newark history." This guide also references some printed materials and Rutgers University Archives collections.

Political Figures (1986 journal article)
Summaries of 22 collections of New Jersey politicians' papers that "include significant documentation of an individual's governmental or political activities."

Religious Organizations (1999 book)
Guide to records of religious organizations containing over 450 entries--sometimes more than one per organization--including descriptions of microfilm holdings. Request at New Jersey Room reference desk, or consult: SPCOL/UA / SNCLNJ / Z7757.N5G85 1999. This volume also may be purchased.

Revolutionary War (circa 1979 booklet; printed later)
Entries for about 285 individual items and collections, most of which pertain to New Jersey.

Science and Technology (1983 journal article)
Selected checklist of 13 collections of potential interest for the history of science and technology; included as an appendix to another text.

Women Artists (2018 website)
Descriptions of over two dozen collections, in the Miriam Schapiro Archives on Women Artists, which document women artists and artist organizations in the United States, primarily from 1945 to the present.

Women's History (2002 website)
Approximately 270 indexed entries for collections by or about women of varying backgrounds who engaged in a wide variety of pursuits; includes materials from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. An additional 29 entries describe collections held in the Rutgers University Archives.

World War I (2016 booklet)
Descriptions of approximately 33 collections, most involving New Jersey people or organizations; item-level checklists are frequently included. These descriptions are contained in a guide to World War I resources that also lists relevant printed and pictorial materials possessed by the repository, as well as collections held in the Rutgers University Archives.