Digital Learning Commons

Students using spaces in the Digital Learning Commons

Library Building and Department Hours

Alexander Library
169 College Ave
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1163
Phone: (848)-932-7851

The Digital Learning Commons (DLC) is a state-of-the-art, multimedia collaboration center and a new premier on-campus destination for the Rutgers–New Brunswick community. It is located on the first floor of Alexander Library on the College Avenue Campus.

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Get Help

  • Visit the Information Desk in the DLC.
  • Call the Libraries information desk: 848-932-6000.
  • Contact a librarian subject specialist in New Brunswick.
  • Use the Ask a Librarian chat or email service.

More About the DLC

The DLC is the largest indoor gathering space available to students at Rutgers–New Brunswick outside a gymnasium or cafeteria. It is also a universally accessible “third space” for students. Although not every student eats at a dining hall or lives in a dorm, 100% of students have access to the DLC by virtue of their being a member of the Rutgers community. In the COVID-19 era, the DLC helps demonstrate the continued value of President Holloway’s vision for an “in-person” university experience.

DLC Spaces

Many of the spaces and rooms within the DLC  are freely accessible while others require you to make a reservation. Visit the Bookable Rooms page to reserve your space.

The DLC’s features were curated around the idea of enriching the student experience and providing students access to the tools they need to succeed at Rutgers and beyond. These include:

  • Information Desk: This desk has a joint Libraries/IT presence to assist students with all their information needs
  • Pitch Room: Also known as the “Red Room,” this is the energy center of the DLC, an innovation space where industry and campus partners can come together to explore new ideas.
  • One-Button Rooms / AV Studios: These rooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment including cameras and green-screens to allow students to capture professional-quality video of their presentations at the push of a button. They can accommodate a maximum of 3 people at a time.
  • Conference Room: This 12-seat, state-of-the-art, conference room includes a motion-tracking camera to allow remote connections while offering speakers—whether corporate or campus—the flexibility to move freely about the meeting space.
  • Telepresence Pods: These reservable meeting spaces include videoconferencing technology for meetings with external partners.
  • Computer Lab: Featuring 70+ computer stations, this lab contains height-adjustable desks that allow students to sit or stand depending on their preference. The machines include software for design, editing, and other multimedia applications.
  • Consultation Room: A private office space for reference or accessibility consultations.
  • Other Amenities: Other features include moveable space partitions, mobile white boards, Wi-Fi printing, and USB/power access at every piece of furniture in the room. The indoor foliage and color scheme used throughout the space were designed to produce a relaxing, creative learning environment that promotes mental wellness.