United States Broadsides 1620-1855

Rutgers Special Collections and University Archives has divided its collections of pre-1900 American broadsides into several subcollections, some of which it has put under bibliographic control through the use of collection level records. These include New Jersey Broadsides 1683-1850New Jersey Broadsides 1851-1900, and Broadsides published in New Brunswick, N.J., before 1900. This finding aid for "United States broadsides, 1655-1855" intends to make accessible a significant portion of the Rutgers broadsides published outside of New Jersey up to the middle of the middle decade of the nineteenth century. As resources become available a complementary finding aid extending to 1900 will be created.


Lowe's improved manometer, or steam pressure gauge, and regulating valves, for steam engines. New-York, N.Y. : Oliver & Brother, Steam Job Printers, [1852].

Includes wood engraving and border.

Bruce's New-York type-foundry, No. 2.  New York, N.Y. : George Bruce, Type founder, 1853.

Large variety of type faces.

Bruce's New-York type-foundry, No. 3.  New York, N.Y. : George Bruce, Type founder, 1853.

Large variety of type faces.

Bruce's New-York type-foundry, No. 4.  New York, N.Y. : George Bruce, Type founder, 1853.

Large variety of type faces.

Bruce's New-York type-foundry, No. 5.  New York, N.Y. : George Bruce, Type founder, 1853.

Large variety of type faces.

Educational convention and celebration on the 6th and 7th of September, '53.  Philadelphia, P.A. : C.P. Johnson, 1853.

Atkins' automation, or self-raking reaper & mower.  Chicago, I.L. : J.S. Wright, 1853.

[2] p. on 1 leaf.  Includes wood engraving.

Boston Museum - Most attractive bill - Benefit of Mr. E.F. Keach. Boston, M.A. : Hooton's Press, 1853.

A playbill advertisement.

Plans of missionary stations in large cities.  New York, N.Y. : Sarony & Major, 1853.

Architectural plans with a note in contemporary hand regarding usage of plans.

New roman types.  New York, N.Y. : Bruce's New-York Type-Foundry, 1853.

 Large variety of type faces.

The Toronto academy.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1854.

3 p.  Information regarding a school, it's rates, courses of education, etc.

United States Mint.  Philadelphia, P.A. : [Philadelphia North American and United States Gazette], 1852.

[3] p.  Speeches at a town meeting.

Roll of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.  Washington, D.C. : [s.n.], 1852.

Peremptory sale of valuable real estate.  Huntington, L.I., N.Y. : "Suffolk Democrat" Office, 1852.

Descriptions of land and properties for sale.

Sanford's hand seed planter.  New York, N.Y. : G.A. Meacham, [1852].


In common council of the city of New York.  New York, N.Y. : Arthur & Burnet Lithographers, 1851.

Tinted, but faded lithograph document thanking the Erie and New York railroad companies, with a City of New York seal affixed as well.

 In common council of the city of New York.  New York : Arthur & Burnet Lithographers, 1851.

Tinted (still holding it's color) lithograph document thanking the Erie and New York railroad companies for the opening of Lake Erie, with a City of New York seal affixed as well.

The Maine law: its virtues and practical results.  Nashua, N.H. : Dodge & Noyes, 1851.

[4] p. on 2 leaves.  Regarding law banning 'drinking houses and tippling shops'.

Genin's quarterly.  New York : [s.n.], 1851.

[4] pages on 2 leaves.  Information and renderings on hats and musicals, including those featuring Jenny Lind.

The Moravian Seminary for young ladies.  Bethlehem, P.A. : [s.n.], 1856.

Information and prices regarding schooling.

Notary Public and Commissioner.  New York, N.Y. : Geo. F. Nesbitt & Co. Printers, 1855.

Decorative border surrounding information and advertisement-type offerings.

The 'Ostend Doctrine'; Practical Democrats carrying out the principle. New York, N.Y. : 2 Spruce Street, 1854.

Political cartoon with James Buchanan.

Seymour's patent grain drill!.  Rochester, N.Y. : Steam Press, 1854.

Advertisements and information regarding the above product.

Kennedy's medical discovery.  Roxbury, M.A. : [s.n.], 1854.

[2] p. on [2] leaves.  Advertising for a cure-all remedy.

Grape.  A new and choice Shaker variety.  Hudson, N.Y. : Webb's Steam Power Printing Office, 1854.

  • Advertisement with woodcuts and colored rendering of grapes.

List of committees of Pennsylvania Agricultural Society -- September 1854.  Carlisle, P.A. : [s.n.], 1854.

The Angel Gabriel.  Boston, M.A. : A.B. Newcomb, 1854.

  • 4 p. on 2 leaves.  Newspaper that is "pledged to sustain our native rights against the encroachment of papacy".

The Sprague mower.  Vermont : [s.n., 1855?].

  • Advertisement for mower with decorative trim and woodcut.

Johnson's self-regulating windmill.  New York, N.Y. : H.S. Taylor, [1855].

  • Large diagram of windmill on oversize sheet.



Argument in the case of Henry Simpson, surviving administrator, & c.  Philadelphia, P.A. : [s.n.], 1848.

  • Information regarding the estate of George Simpson, Agent of the Treasury.

Fitzgerald's patent portable mill.  New York, N.Y. : J.A. Fraetas Printer, 1846.

  • Advertisement for mill with sketch of product.

In Prussia these measure are attended to...  [New York : s.n., 1846-1848].

  • Information regarding the census and life actuality charts.

Sentinel & witness extra.  Geology of Middletown & vicinity.  Middletown, C.T. : [s.n.], 1846.

  • Geological surveys concerning large bird tracks, etc.

Le Roy Street - Albany Street.  New York: [s.n.], 1846.

  • Information regarding Trinity Church and it's bid to keep more of their land private.

I.T. Grant & Co., manufacturers of fan-mills and grain cradles.  Troy, N.Y. : J.C. Kneeland & Co. Printers, 1846.

  • Advertisement with decorative border and drawing of the product.

Pictorial emporium.  A present for the holidays.   New York, N.Y. : Saturday Emporium Publishers, 1846.

  • 4 p. on 2 oversize leaves.  Contains a wide variety of drawings of people, places and historical scenes.

Thorburn's catalogue of dahlias.  New York, N.Y. : W.S. Dorr, Printer, 1848.

  • Listing of dahlias for sale with a decorative border.

Directory of members of the Senate.  Washington, D.C. : C.W. Fenton/ G.A. Sage, Printers, [1847].

  • A diagram of the senate chamber, with the names and local addresses of all persons serving during the 30th congress.

Remember the orphan! The grand exhibition of fireworks.  New Orleans, L. A. : "True Delta", [1847].

  • A bill of fare for a benefit for an orphanage.

Statistics of Lowell manufactures.  Lowell, M.A. : James Atkinson, Office of the Lowell Journal, 1847.

  • Advertisement for Ayer's cherry pectoral on the reverse side.

Abstract of title to property in the 4th and 7th wards of the city of Brooklyn... [New York : s.n.], 1847.

  • Concerning the estate of Susan Lawrence.

The Atlantic's bell.  New York : [s.n.], 1847.

  • Inscription on the bell of the late steamboat Atlantic.  Initiated from the Floating Church of the Holy Comforter.

Supplement to ...er's reporter.  New York : [s.n.], 1847.

  • Some news and information on a lottery system.  Broadside missing large piece of it.

Return of the engine, hose, hook & ladder and hydrant companies.  New York, N.Y. : [Thomas Snow Publishers], 1847.

  • An evaluation and address listing of various fire companies around New York.  Bottom mostly disintegrated.

The slave's lamentation.  [s.l. : s.n., 1847].

  • Poem, with another entitled 'The Hail (Hale) Storm' underneath it.  There are two identical copies of this item.

Catalogue of 1000 choice exotic fruit trees...Boston, M. A. : Eastburn's Press, 1848.

  • A list of trees for the auction.

Washing made easy.  New York, N. Y. : [s.n.], 1848.

  • Advertisement and information on a washing & wringing machine with a drawing of both.

Administrator's sale of real estate.  Trenton, N.J. : Daily State Gazette Office, 1848.

  • Information about a parcel of land for auction.

Smithsonian Institution.  Instructions for observations of the Aurora.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1849.

  • Information on viewing stars and constellations.

Smithsonian Institution.  Map of the stars near the North Pole.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1849.

  • Two identical maps, with beautiful printing and delicate mapping.  These work in tandem with the instructional sheet from the Smithsonian.

Oxford county cattle fair.  [s.l.]: Oxford Democrat Press, 1849.

  • Information regarding prizes and competitions in various agricultural endeavors, with a decorative border.

Life and confession of Eliza Dawson.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1849.

  • Advertisement for narrative of infamous murder trial of Eliza Dawson of Nova Scotia, with two separate drawings.

Number seven.  [s.l. : s.n., 185-].

  • Gold lettering on black paper with a decorative border.  A compilation of the importance of the number seven in biblical treatise.

A catalogue of a collection of very rare original drawings.  [s.l. : s.n., 185-].

  • Listing of drawings for sale.

Cholera. Joy to the world.  [Baltimore, M. D. : s.n., 1850].

  • Advertisement for Perry Davis's vegetable pain killer and cholera 'cure'.

Am I not a man and a brother.  New York, N.Y. : Anti-slavery Office, [185-].

  • Drawing and poem entitled "The Negro's complaint".

Rally!! Friends of temperance and prohibition!!.  [s.l. : s.n., 185-].

  • Meeting flyer regarding temperance including speakers.

Great excitement.  The beauties of nature truly developed.  Ambrotypes and photographic likenesses.  Philadelphia, P.A. : Duross, Printer, [185-].

  • Decorative border and extra information about ambrotypes, daguerreotypes with prices included.

New York Pictorial Picayune.  New York, N.Y. : Woodward & Co., 1850.

  • 4 p. on 2 oversize leaves.  Newspaper with a great deal of drawings interspersed with news and humorous items.

Thornbury shingle & stave cutter!.  West Chester, P.A. : Office of the Village Record, 1850.

  • Advertisement with drawing of cutter being used and other information.

Queries on Education.  Philadelphia, P.A. : [s.n.], 1843.

  • Information and questions for the education of Friends (Quakers) children.

Dr. Taylor's balsam of Liverwort, for consumption and liver complaint. [New York, N.Y. : s.n., 1840].

  • Information on preparing and taking of this medication.

Plan and evaluation of the pews in the Church of the Divine Unity. New York, N.Y. : N. Curriers Lith., 1845.

  • Floor plans with values of pews for sale to churchgoers, along with payment options and information as well.

An ordinance, regulating public markets.  Detroit, M.I. : [s.n.], 1841.

  • Looks to be a sign for public posting regarding usage of the public market areas.

A bill to change the name and amend the charter of the United States Insurance Company of the City of New York.  [New York, N.Y. : s.n.], 1841.

  • Informational leaflet from the New York state representatives.

New Genesee Farmer.  Rochester, N.Y. : Welles Printer, 1842.

  • Advertisement soliciting subscriptions for the New Genesee Farmer, on an oversized sheet with a great deal of pictures and information regarding subscription prices, etc.

Leather establishment.  Pratt's-Hollow, [s.l. : s.n.], 1842.

  • Advertisement for a leather product store and purchasing office.

The Washingtonian.  New York, N.Y. : Herald Printing Establishment, 1842.

  • Advertisement for a paper supporting the temperance movement, and the contents to be contained within this newspaper.

Platt's premium portable mill.  New York, N.Y. : G.F. Nesbitt, Stationer and Printer, 1843.

  • Advertisement for grinding mill with woodcuts.

$6,000 school fund lottery.  Rhode Island. : [s.n.], 1843.

  • Advertisement of chances for sale.

$16,000 school fund lottery.  Rhode Island. : [s.n.], 1843.

  • Advertisement of chances for sale.

$10,000 school fund lottery. Rhode Island. : [s.n.], 1843 .

  • Advertisement of chances for sale.

"At the head of the periodicals of the world!".  Philadelphia, P.A. : United States Job Printing Office, 1843.

  • Advertisement for Graham's Magazine and information on subscriptions.

Martine's patent hand power haypress.  West Chester, N.Y. : Philip Tabele, Cheap book and job printer, 1843.

  • Advertisement for the haypress and a list of current users.

28th Congress, 1st session.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1843.

  • Handwritten note on back of page stating this is the list of the members of the House of Representatives for the 28th Congress.

29th Congress, 1st session.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1843.

  • Handwritten note on back of page stating this is the list of the members of the House of Representatives for the 29th Congress.

Western farmer's own paper.  Chicago, I.L. : 112 Lake Street, 1844.

  • Public advertisement for the aforementioned paper with information on its contents and subscription rates.

Notice.  Warner, [s.l. : s.n.], 1844.

  • Notice of land for sale at public auction.

Proposed agency for Mutual Life Insurance.  Worcester, M.A. : [s.n.], 1844.

  • Information regarding the incorporation of the Mutual Life Insurance Company in Massachusetts.

Daguerreotype portraits and miniatures.  Washington, D.C. : [s.n.], 1844.

  • Publicity notice sent out by the daguerreotypist regarding his new studio space.

To farmers, important improvement!.  Kinderhook, N.Y. : [s.n.], 1844.

  • Information on the power corn sheller and separator device.

Sir, I have the honor, by direction... [s.l.] : T.A. Ireland, Printer, 1844.

  • Minutes of a meeting of the Western District Literary, Philosophical and Agricultural Association held at Amherstburg.

Democratic meeting at the town hall.  Cleveland, O.H. : [s.l.], 1844.

  • Information regarding a rally against Henry Clay.

Programme of the Whig National Procession.  Baltimore, M.D. : Woods & Crane Printers, 1844.

  • The directions and order of the procession, including a diagram of the city streets to be utilized.

National Jubilee.  New York, N.Y. : Wilson & Co., 1844.

  • Newspaper celebrating the fourth of July with a reprint of the Declaration of Independence with signatures and 'profuse illustrations' as well.

Gustavus Academy.  [s.l.] : Office of the Liberty Herald, 1844.

  • Information regarding pricing and educational offerings at the new Gustavus Academy in Trumball.

To the independent freemen!.  Bunker Hill, [s.l. : s.n.], 1844.

  • Whig-centered sheet on the choices for governing, Polk or Clay.

To the friends of benevolence throughout the Union.  Worcester, M.A. : [s.n.], 1844.

  • Additional information about the incorporation of and stock options for the Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Greece!.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1841.

  • Advertisement for a lecture about the Greek war by Prof. C.P. Castanis, with references.  The sheet is left blank at the point of where and when the lecture will take place.

Warren's improved patent horse power and threshing machines.  New York, N.Y. : L.Bostwick & Co., 1843.

  • Advertisement and prices for the machine along with a woodcut of the machine as well.

The United States at one view.  New York, N.Y. : Humphrey Phelps, 1845.

  • An oversize sheet with a range of figures about the United States, comparing things in 1776 and 1845, such as population figures.

Statistical chart.  New York, N.Y. : G.W. Emerson, 1845.

  • Statistics regarding a variety of things, such as height of mountains, U.S. Navy ships, etc.

Morses' scythes.  Shelburne Falls, M.A. : [s.n.], 1845.

  • Information and recommendations for this product, with a decorative border as well.

Wells' patent improved horse power.  New York, N.Y. : [s.n., 1845].

  • Advertisement with woodcuts and also for a cider mill.

The life and age of women.  Barre, M.A. : A. Allen, Printer, [1845].

  • Sheet with mainly woodcuts of the stages of womanhood with some text about the respective ages represented.

The annual pictorial Herald.  New York, N.Y. : [s.n.], 1845.

  • Four newspaper size sheet filled entirely with renderings of various political cartoons, newsworthy events, etc.

Albion life insurance company, London and New York.  London, England : Sweeting, Printer, [1845].  Printed for agents in New York, N.Y.

  • Information and premium charts for life insurance.

Wandle Mace's patent post morticing and rail sharpening machine. New York, N.Y. : Craighead and Allen, Printers, [1845].

  • Advertisement with woodcut regarding the fence post making machine.

Single and double hand alphabet.  New York. : [s.n., 1845].

  • Sheet with renderings of the sign language alphabet and various sentiments, along with portraits and a decorative border.



Going the whole hog, or a specimen of Jacksonism.  [s.l. : s.n., 1832].

  • Political cartoon and texts regarding rather anti-Jackson sentiments.

To the people of the United States.  [s.l. : s.n., 1831].

  • Handwritten note on back denotes that this is an address of the Free Trade Convention that took place in Philadelphia in 1831.

Jemmy and Nancy.  Boston, M.A. : [s.n., 1831 or 1832].

  • A ballad sold by Leonard Deming of Boston.

Publications of the American Tract Society.  New York, N.Y. : American Tract Society, 1831.

  • A listing of all tracts available for purchase, including children's, foreign language and religious subjects.

Report of the committee to promote the gradual civilization of the Indian natives.  Philadelphia, P.A. : [s.n.], 1836.

  • General information.

Democratic Republican nominations.  [s.l. : s.n., 1832].

  • Renderings and a list of persons who are the electors of President and Vice-President.

Statements of deaths with the diseases and ages.  Philadelphia, P.A. : [s.n.], 1835.

  • A chart covering various illnesses and the mortality figures associated with them.

Advertisement to the first number of the Aboriginal port-folio. Philadelphia, P.A. : [s.n.], 1835.

  • Reproductions of renderings done by Mr. King who was employed by the War Office to record Indians.

Advertisement to the second number of the Aboriginal port-folio. Philadelphia, P.A. : [s.n.], 1835.

  • Reproductions of renderings done by Mr. King who was employed by the War Office to record Indians, with 'historical and biographical description of the Indians'.

Advertisement to the third number of the Aboriginal port-folio. Philadelphia, P.A. : [s.n.], 1835.

  • Reproductions of renderings done by Mr. King who was employed by the War Office to record Indians, with 'historical and biographical description of the Indians'.

The Aboriginal port folio no. 9.  Philadelphia, P.A. : [s.n., 1831-1840].

  • Lithographed by Lehman & Duval in Philadelphia.  Also includes a beautiful rendering set on blue paper.

The  true cause of crime.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1836.

  • A prohibition tract including the dying words of a criminal with drawings.

Penny-worth of wit.  Boston, M.A. : [s.n., 1837].

  • Long poem sold at J.G. & H. Hunt in Boston.

Franklin Theatre - last week of season.  [New York, N.Y.] : Jared W. Bell, Printer, 1837.

  • A bill of fare, including Jew German and Smuggler, Rival Pages, Tar for All Weathers and Avenger of Blood.

Institution for young ladies on Brooklyn Heights.  New York : [s.n., 1837].

  • Information regarding lessons and boarding fees for the school with a rendering of the building.

Sir, if your buildings are not protected from the disastrous effects of Lightning...[Boston, M.A. : s.n.], 1837.

  • Advertisement sent in the guise of informative pamphlet with several testimonials.

List of members of the House of Representatives of the United States. [s.l. : s.n.], 1837.

  • Listing of the members of the 25th Congress, second session.

Bennington County Mutual Fire Insurance Company.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1838.

  • Charter, forms and bye [sic]-laws of the company with rates provided.  Perhaps for Bennington, V.T. ?

Gov. Everett's address to the Legislature of Massachusetts. Worcester, M.A. : Henry Rogers, Publisher, 1838.

  • Transcript of the speech with print advertisements filling in the rest of the final column.

War Department, Pension office, July 17, 1838...[s.l. : s.n.], 1838.

  • Document concerning the act that would grant pensions to widows of those that fought in the revolutionary war, along with a sample form for widows.

The testimony of Daniel O'Connell, the liberator of Ireland. [s.l.] : Scatcherd and Adams, Printers, 1838.

  • Rendering of Mr. O'Connell along with a decorative border that contains his testimony "against the infamous system of American slavery".

Pearson Crosby's portable prairie saw-mill.  Fredonia, N.Y. : E. Winchester, Printer, 1838.

  • Advertisement with rendering and decorative border for the saw mill with prices and information on how to obtain one.

Alpine mulberry.  New York, N.Y. : [s.n.], 1839.

  • Advertisement  for mulberry trees for silk growers with a repudiation of the growing prowess of the mulberry tree below it.  A very large green leaf if printed on this broadside, dominating it entirely.

Mulberry grower, silk raiser and manufacturer.  Portsmouth, R.I. : [s.n.], 1839.

  • Informative advertisement for raising mulberry trees and manufacturing silk as well with renderings of the machines necessary to do so.

 Flour and corn mills.  [New York, N.Y. : s.n., 1839].

  • Advertisement and rendering of mill with information and testimonials.

Old orange O.K.  [s.l. : s.n., 1840].

  • A brief tract regarding the increase in the number of Democrats in Old Orange, with references to the previous election.

A moral chart or, quintessence of knowledge.  Boston, M.A. : S. Osgood Wright, Printer, [1840].

  • Printed on fabric (silk perhaps?) with a decorative border.  It is maxims about various tribulations and virtues and how one should behave.

Census of the United States for the year 1840.  Washington, D.C. : Martin Johnson, Printer, 1840.

  • Large sheet containing census data for all states, counting persons by race, occupation, age, etc.

The widow's mite.  [s.l.] : E. Langley, Publisher and Printer, [1840].

  • Renderings of this biblical tale with full color done which is still very vivid.

Paulinia, Hancock township, Delaware county, state of New York.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1840.

  • Map of a large estate for emigrants to come and settle.

Statement of  dividends.  [Boston, M.A. : s.n.], 1840.

  • Statement for annual returns for investments in the 41 insurance companies in Massachusetts.  A great deal of handwritten sums on the back side of this broadside.

Lamb's patent grain reaper.  New York, N.Y. : Hopkins & Jennings, Printers, 1840.

  • Information regarding the grain reaper and its capacities.

Girard Bank.  [Philadelphia, P.A. : s.n.], 1840.

  • The account of proceedings of the stockholders meeting.  (3 identical copies)

Centennial celebration.  [s.l. : s.n., 1830-1840].

  • A mock commencement notice, full of humor.

New York, cashier of the Leather Manufacturers Bank.  New York, N.Y. : Wm. A. Mercein, Printer, [183-].

  • Actual sheet of blank checks with the company crest/seal in the corner of them.

Farmers' and manufacturers' meeting.  [Boston, M.A.: s.n.], 1827.

  • Notice regarding and information on an address regarding the Pennsylvania Society for the Promotion of Manufacturers and Mechanics and the decline of the farming community in America.

Fee bill adopted by the Georgia Medical Society in 1818, and revised and corrected in 1824.  [Georgia : s.n.], 1824.

  • List of standard fees for procedures, including surgeries.

Alphabet for the instruction of the deaf and dumb with the signs for figures.  Philadelphia, P.A. : Charles Stull, Publisher, [1823].

  • Renderings of the sign alphabet and numeral signs with a decorative border, engraved by P.E. Stull.

Valuable land, for sale at public auction.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1824.

  • Notice of land for auction, with information regarding acreage and usage ideas.  (two identical copies)

Commencement at Rensselaer School, Troy, N.Y.   [New York : s.n.], 1826.

  • The order of proceedings for the commencement.

Improved fancy spinner.  [New York : s.n.], 1826.

  • Advertisement for a wool spinner, with personal testimonials as well as buying information.

Plan of the Boston fuel savings institution.  [Boston, M.A. : s.n.], 1821.

  • Information regarding the new banking institution starting, including places of deposit, and the value of saving money.

A brief account of the bloody deeds of General Jackson.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1828.

  • Accounts of General Jackson's 'murder' of six militia men, stabbing of Samuel Jackson and other nefarious deeds, along with renderings of coffins of the deceased mostly.

Gen'l John R. Williams, delegate to Congress.  [Detroit, M.I. : s.n.], 1829.

  • Advertisement for General Williams bid for Congress, along with derogatory remarks regarding the other candidates.

Inaugural address delivered by Andrew Jackson.  Xenia, O.H. : Richard C. Langdon, Printer, 1829.

  • Printed on fabric and then mounted on a board.  A decorative arch border the address.

Triumphant defence of Gen. Upham.  [Portsmouth, N.H. : s.n.], 1830.

  • Notice regarding "further exposition of electioneering calumny and conspiracy" regarding Gen. Upham.

The Gazette of the Union, and journal of the states.  [Philadelphia, P.A. : s.n.], 1813.

  • A proposal for a national newspaper with local information for Philadelphia as well.

An epistle from our yearly meeting.  [Philadelphia, P.A. : s.n.], 1812.

  • Unsure of the organization holding the meeting, but it is religious and anti-war in nature.

An act to prevent frauds and perjuries at elections, and to prevent slaves from voting.  [Albany, N.Y. : s.n.], 1811.

  • The New York State acts from the legislature.

Anniversary odes for 1811.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1811.

  • Odes with suggestions for tunes to sing them to.

Catskill slaughter-house.  Catskill, N.Y. : M. Croswell, Printer, 1811.

  • The exciting news of a slaughter house in Catskill, New York, so farmers don't lose money transporting their animals elsewhere for slaughter.

Attention! friendly advice.  [Newbury-port, s.l. : s.n., 1820].

  • Stern warnings about the ruinous effects of drink, and visiting on the Sabbath, complete with horrible tales to distract the reader.

Catalogue of the faculty and students of Hamilton College. [s.l.] : William Williams, Printer, 1818.

  • A listing of students and faculty, what room they occupy and their class year or subject specialty.

City of New Orleans Mayoralty office.  [New Orleans, L.A. : s.n.], 1818.

  • Essentially a liquor license for the city, with several provisions included on it.  Also written in French.

At a yearly meeting held in Philadelphia by adjournments,... [Philadelphia, P.A. : s.n.], 1818.

  • Report of the commission for the civilization of the Indian natives.  Information progress or contact with various Indian tribes.

Treasurer's sales. Times extra!  [s.l. : s.n.], 1816.

  • Listing of various persons whose land will be sold to pay off taxes in Northumberland county along with Union and Columbia counties.

Circular. To the advocates of African emancipation.  [St. Clairsville, s.l. : s.n.], 1816.

  • Suggested guidelines for pro-emancipation groups to follow and implement.

Another play. Hiesterism unmasked.  [s.l. : s.n., 1817].

  • One sheet of a play which appears to have more.

Children in the world [?].  [Boston, M.A. : s.n., 1816].

  • A tale of two murdered children in ballad form, with a small crude woodcut in one corner.  Note on back says it was mounted on a Boston newspaper from 1816 before restoration.

Declaration and dying speech of Henry Phillips.  [Boston, M.A. : s.n.], 1817.

  • Rendering of the gallows and the address to person from the 'Boston Goal [sic] a short time previous to the day of his execution'.

Directions to prevent the fatal effects of drinking cold water. [s.l. : s.n., 1820].

  • Five important steps to prevent death by drinking cold water!

State of New Hampshire.  New Hampshire : [s.n], 1803.

  • This is "an act to incorporate sundry persons by the name of the president Directors and Company of the Cheshire Bank."

To country merchants and others who are in the habit of collecting rags.  Newburgh, N.Y. : Gazlay, Printer, 1809.

  • Prices for rag merchants to sell their wares to paper manufacturers.

Causes for trial and argument.  [New-Castle, s.l. : s.n.], 1808.

  • Trial assignments for December 1808, with all parties involved named.

Causes for trial and argument.  Wilmington, [s.l.] : P. Brynberg, Printer, 1803.

  • Trial assignments for December 1808, with all parties involved named.

Liberty of speech and of the press.  [Pennsylvania : s.n., 1802].

  • A double-sided sheet authored by Alexander Addison, which is "a charge to the grand juries of the county court of the fifth circuit of the state of Pennsylvania" regarding personal rights and liberties.

President's message.  [Washington, D.C. : s.n.], 1802.

  • Address from Thomas Jefferson to the Senate and House of Representatives regarding taxation, naval resources, etc.

A geography of...American federal republic.  Walpole, N.H. : Thomas and Thomas, Printers, [1809].

  • Sheet torn near center, obscuring title.  A chart containing twenty one states or territories and their respective geography, including latitude, rivers, chief towns, etc.

Federal proceedings in Salem.  [Salem, M.A. : s.n.], 1810.

  • Resolutions voted upon against President Madison in regards to his policy with France and their aggression towards the United States.

Extract from the journal of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Connecticut. [Stamford, C.T. : s.n.], 1805.

  • Document explores the inquiry into a difficult member of the Episcopal church in Connecticut, Mr. Ammi Rogers.

Regulations for the Port of New-Orleans.  [New Orleans, L.A.: s.n.], 1808.

  • List of regulations and duties surrounding port activity, along with a list hand written in French on the reverse side in 1819.

To the People of Mercer County. 

[Pennsylvania: s.n.], 1808

  • Report of the Auditors of Mercer county about the appropriation of taxes.

 Illustrissimo Johanni Hancock, Armigero, LLD.  Boston, M.A. : Samuel Hall, Printer, 1791.

  • Printed entirely in Latin, containing theses on various subjects including theology, metaphysics, logic, etc.

A candid address, to the freemen of the state of Rhode Island. Providence, R.I. : J. Carter, Printer, [1800].

  • Regards the upcoming election and gives their support to Mr. Adams over Mr. Jefferson.

By his excellency Jonathan Trumbull, Governor and Commander in and over the state of Connecticut.  Hartford, C.T. : Hudson and Goodwin, Printers, 1799.

  • Proclamation of March 22 to be a day of fasting and rest to atone for sins and aid the United States.  Handwritten notes on the border.

To be sold.  New York, N.Y. : [s.n.], 1796.

  • Offers and listing of things to be sold, mainly real estate at the Tontine coffee house.

State of New Hampshire.  Exeter, [N.H.] : Henry Ranlet, Printer, 1792.

  • Notice regarding balloting and election proceedings.

Articles of agreement.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1799.

  • Information on ration contents, prices and issuing places, issued from the Secretary of War of  the United States government.

India sales.  [Boston, M.A.] : Russell & Cutler, Printers, [1795].

  • Listing of wares straight from Calcutta, India , mostly fabric, for auction.

We have the honour to inform you that our partnership...  Philadelphia, P.A. : [s.n.], 1797.

  • Printed letter telling of the dissolution of the partnership of Dutilh and Wachsmuth.

The Boston cavalry, in account with John Marston.  [Boston, M.A.: s.n.], 1798.

  • A detailed listing of accounts and moneys due to J. Marston.

Presidents' speech.  [s.l.] : H. & O. Farnsworth, Printers, 1798.

  • Speech of John Adams to the Congress and House of Representatives regarding the naval forces and fighting in the territories.

An account of the rescue, by Captain John Hodge.  [Philadelphia, P.A. : s.n.], 1796.

  • This document reprints previous newspaper articles regarding the American ship Sedgeley and the British ship Aurora, whom Capt. Hodge saved.

Recruiting instructions.  [Philadelphia, P.A. : s.n., 179-].

  • Letters with directions to be given to recruiters.

Rate of dockage of vessels and wharfage of goods.  [s.l.] : Young & Minns, Printers, 1796.

  • A listing of rates for wharfage and storage for a variety of products.

John Simeon.  New York, N.Y. : [s.n.], 1791.

  • Information on fur items for sale and the proper storage of furs in the summer.

Samuel Broome, and co.   [New York, N.Y. : s.n., 1800].

  • Listing of goods for sale, with a great deal of handwritten sums on the back side of the sheet.

Proposals of Joseph Fox Jun. for printing by subscription. Philadelphia, P.A. : [s.n.], 1799.

  • Information regarding the prices and purposes of the Friends Monthly Magazine, along with conditions of publication.

The Bill of Rights, amendments I to X of the Constitution of the United States.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1791.

  • An oversize broadside with just the actual Bill of Rights printed upon it.

The Constitution of the United States.  New-Haven, C.T. : Josiah Meigs, Printer, 1787.

  • Printing of the constitution with a list of signers.

Centinel, to the people of Pennsylvania.  New York, N.Y. : [s.n.], 1787.

  • Printed on two sides, containing information regarding the legislature and the rights of citizens in the nation.

The following memorial and address was presented to the Assembly...[Philadelphia, P.A. : s.n.], 1782.

  • To the Quakers, regarding their reputation in the Philadelphia area.

A general view of receipts and expenditures of public monies. [s.l. : s.n.], 1782.

  • Military accounts and receipts.

Acts passed a general assembly of the commonwealth of Virginia. [s.l. : s.n.], 1788.

  • Acts concerning the militia, taxes and various monies.

Some observations relating to the establishment of schools. [Philadelphia, P.A. : s.n.], 1789.

  • Committee on the establishment of schools and what they should instill in their students.

La Societe que nous avions contractee en 1783...  Philadelphia, P.A. : [s.n.], 1783.

  • Printed letter entirely in French telling of the partnership of Dutilh and Wachsmuth, signed by both parties.

Collections with regard to the case of the American Loyalists. [s.l. : s.n., 1783].

  • Information regarding British loyal subjects through the Revolutionary War, edicts from the kings of England, etc.

American taxation.  [s.l. : s.n., 1783].

  • Notes on card and facsimile copy stating "This song, by Peter St. John of Norwalk, Connecticut, antedates the [beginning of?] revolution.  In 1779, the author revised it to produce a coherent and connected history of the struggle...at least 5 different versions survive in broadside form."  This is from The Diary of the American Revolution, compiled by Frank Moore, abridged, edited and with an introduction by John Anthony Scott.  Published by New York Washington Square Press, 1967.  There are two original copies, one with handwritten numbers alongside the verses.

A bill to empower his majesty...[s.l. : s.n.], 1777.

  • This document is to empower the crown to 'secure and detain' persons for the crime of treason and piracy committed in North America during the time of war and rebellion.

The Connecticut courant.  Hartford, C.T. : Thomas Green, Printer, 1764.

  • Sample newspaper calling for new subscriptions.

Copy of a letter from Governor Bernard to the Earl of Hillsborough.  [s.l. : s.n.], 1768.

  • Contains information on the governors assistance to the British troops in America, his attempts to secure housing, etc.

Directions for manouvres, to be performed by the brigade...[Philadelphia, P.A. :s.n.], 1775.

  • Actual directions for moves to be learned at the Three City Battalions, regarding marches, directions, etc.

State of New-York, an act for regulating impresses of forage...Poughkeepsie, N.Y. : [John Holt, Printer to the State of New York], 1778.

  • Act regarding the giving of housing, food, livestock and nearly anything else needed to troops as necessary, or be detained by authorities.

The...words and...speech...of Robert Young.  [s.l. : s.n., 1779].

  • Only one half of the page is present, so keep that in mind when evaluating content.  A broadside written by Robert Young, to fend off rape accusations by Jane Green.

[New York pocket almanac].  New York, N.Y. : [Hugh Gaine], 1765.

  • Most information from note written on folder.  Is in large sheet form to be folded, bound and cut at a later date.  Three copies of identical sheets in the collection.

Whereas...have declared their intentions of taking each other in marriage... [P.A. : s.l., 16--].

  • Note with document explains that this is a blank Quaker marriage certificate from the 17th century.  An additional note says that it was discovered in the binding of an old book.

To the quarterly and monthly meetings of friends in Great-Britain, Ireland and America.  [Philadelphia, P.A. : s.n.], 1751.

  • Handwritten note states publisher may be Franklin & Hall.  Discusses that standardization of the calendar, so that January, and not March is now to be the first month of the year for 1752, and also to rename the months as to do away from their pagan named origins.  This publication also manages to demean Catholics as well as being superstitious.

List Compiled by Alexandra Bernet.
Last updated 11/2001.