John DePol Collection: Audioguide podcast for "Out of Retirement"

part of a print depicting a rocking chair near an open sash window

To introduce people to the exhibition, Out of Retirement: The Late Wood Engravings of John DePol, we've created an audio acousti-guide, a tour of the framed wood engravings on the wall in Gallery '50. The tour, written and read by the exhibition's curator, Michael Joseph, lasts for about 27 minutes and discusses the history, technique and artistic importance of some of John DePol's most renowned prints with particular regard for the notion of retirement and its complicated relationship to the notion of work. We hope the acousti-guide will extend people's appreciation of exhibition and encourage them to examine the woodblocks, books, prints, photographs, cards, pamphlets and broadsides inside the cases and continue downstairs to enjoy the rest of the exhibition in the Special Collections and University Archives gallery.

To access the acousti-guide requires that you own a device that can play mp3 files. Your browser may have this functionality built in.

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