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Watercolor of Rutgers College
Watercolor of Rutgers College by T. Sanford Doolittle,
ca. 1850's.
Doolittle, Class of 1859, later
served as Professor of  Rhetoric, Logic, and Mental
Philosophy and acting President of Rutgers College.

Rutgers University History

Benevolent Patriot: Henry Rutgers, 1745-1830, by David J. Fowler
An extensive biographical essay on the life and times of Henry Rutgers, Revolutionary war patriot, New York State legislator, brewer, and noted philanthropist for whom Rutgers University is named. The essay is a revised version that originally appeared in the catalog accompanying the exhibition, "Benevolent Patriot: The Life and Times of Henry Rutgers," February 15-July 30, 2010, Special Collections & University Archives, Archibald S. Alexander Library, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.

Rutgers Through the Years
A photographic history of Rutgers University, arranged by decades and including a historical timeline of significant events in the history of the university.

Rutgers Leaders, Rutgers History: Past Presidents
Biographical sketches and images of the leaders of Rutgers University through the present.

From "Seminary of Learning" to Public Research University: A Historical Sketch of Rutgers University
Narrative history of Rutgers University, including its founding as Queen's College in 1766; renaming to Rutgers College in 1824; transformation of the 19th century college; Rutgers and its relationship with the State of New Jersey; the Depression and World War II years; postwar expansion and the State University; and the research university.

Rutgers College and the American Revolution
A digitized version of the John Bogart Letters in Special Collections and University Archives. Bogart, who graduated from Queen's College (Rutgers) in 1778, also served as tutor in the college during the American Revolution following the British occupation of New Brunswick. The forty-two letters are dated from 1776 to 1782 and consist of exchanges between Bogart and friends of Queen College-students, tutors, and president-who provide a glimpse into eighteenth century concerns of college students during a significant event in American history. This digital project, developed by Elaine Bindler, with assistance from Jeffery Triggs of the Scholarly Communication Center in the Rutgers University Libraries, provides digitized versions of both the original handwritten letters and well as a version of the 1914 printed version of the collection and sets the letters in context with pivotal events and issues surrounding the war.

Paths to Historic Rutgers
Historical sketches of the buildings that made up Rutgers in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Towards a New History of Douglass College
Essays developed by students from the Douglass Scholars Program in 1999 and 2000 on various topics concerning the history of Douglass College.

Rutgers Oral History Archives Program
Website for project begun in 1994 to record the memories of Rutgers and Douglass alumni on their experiences during the Second World War. Interviews also explore their college years and postwar years.

Brewing Bachelors: The History of the University of Newark, by Harold S. Wechsler [PDF]
Extensive history of the establishment of the University of Newark in 1936 through the merger of five pre-existing institutions: Dana College, the Newark Institute of Arts and Science, the New Jersey Law School, the Mercer-Beasley Law School, and the Seth Boyden School of Business. Chronicles the development of these institutions in Newark, the growth of the University of Newark and its relationship to the city and state, and documents the delicate negotiations that led to the merger of the University with Rutgers University in 1946.

University Archives Policy Documents

Documentation Policy Statement.
Collection management and development policy that guides the University Archives in documentating the Rutgers University community.

Access Policy for University Records
Policy and guidelines governing access to university records.

University Records Management
University Records Management Program web site outlining policies and procedures for records retention requirements, including selective general records schedules.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Databases to University Archives Collections

1. Finding aids to Archival Records and Manuscript Collections

The Rutgers University Archives continually develops online finding aids to many of its records and manuscript collections pertaining to University history using Encoded Archival Description (EAD), a standard adopted by the archival community to deliver electronic versions of finding aids over the web. Rutgers University Archives' finding aids reside on a server in the Scholarly Communications Center of Alexander Library. They are encoded in XML and transformed to HTML using XSLT stylesheets. While the links below will take you to the individual finding aid for that collection, there is also a searchable database of all finding aids, including selected ones for manuscript collections on New Jersey history. To access this list of finding aids click here In addition, there are links provided in catalog records for these collections in QuickSearch. The finding aids are also incorporated into the Research Libraries Group's (RLG) ArchieGrid.

The following individual finding aids are available:


A. Boards of Trustees and Governors

Rutgers University. Governors. Educational Policy and Planning Committee (RG 02/C2)
The Board of Governors Educational Planning and Policy Committee was established in 1950 and was charged with examining Rutgers' "educational effectiveness." The papers in this collection comprise meeting minutes and agendas, and reports and studies on such subjects as program proposals and changes; diversity amongst students and staff; promotions, tenures, and retirements; and other matters.

Rutgers University. Board of Trustees. Inventory to the Records of the Queen's College, Rutgers College and Rutgers University Board of Trustees: Manuscript Minutes, Enclosures, and Subject Files 1778-1956 (RG 03/A0/02)
The records of the Rutgers University Board of Trustees date from 1778 to 1956. The records include rough drafts of meeting minutes and materials enclosed with the minutes such as correspondence, financial records, committee reports, other types of reports and informative documents, and legal documents. During the period covered by this collection, the Board of Trustees had almost all of the responsibility for running the College. Items which appear routinely in the records include: considerations over land and buildings, lists of students recommended by the faculty for degrees, correspondence on honorary degrees, financial accounts (usually in April), materials on relations with the General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church and, later, with the state of New Jersey, and personnel considerations.

Rutgers University Board of Trustees. Inventory to the Records of the Special Committee to Investigate the Charges of Lienhard Bergel, 1934-1945 (RG 03/C2).
The Special Trustees Committee to Investigate the Charges of Lienhard Bergel files contain materials related to a series of 1935 hearings held at Rutgers University. The charges stemmed from the dismissal of Professor Lienhard Bergel from the faculty of the New Jersey College for Women German Department. Bergel, an opponent of fascism, accused deparment chairman Friedrich Hauptmann of making his decision based on his pro-Nazi sentiment. After the American Civil Liberties Union became involved in Bergel's case, Rutgers President Robert C. Clothier created a five-member Special Trustees Committee to hear Bergel's claims and establish a final decision. The resulting hearings, which began on May 21, 1935 and lasted two months, ended in a decision in Hauptmann's favor. The files, which include a partial transcript of the hearings themselves, are divided into three series, I. Hearing Files, II. Committee Hearings, and III. Newsclippings.

Rutgers University. Board of Trustees. Special Committee on Reorganization. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Board of Trustees. Special Committee on Reorganization, 1947-1956 (RG 03/C3)
Commissioned on February 18, 1955, the Special Committee on the Reorganization of the Board of Trustees was established to explore various methods of university reorganization. Its deliberations led to the official establishment of Rutgers as the State University of New Jersey in 1956, as well as the establishment of the Board of Governors. Functioning until May 1956, when Governor Robert Meyner signed the reorganization proposal into law, the Committee was chaired by Lansing P. Shield. The collection contains written reports, confidential poll results and personal correspondence of the Board members' opinions and views. Dissenting views have been retained in full. Also included are Board meeting minutes and reports from November 1954 to July 1956. The final report of the committee, as well as various drafts of the proposal, mark-up copies of drafts from committee members, the final draft and the proposed bill presented to the legislature, all document the extent of the activities of the special committee.

Rutgers University. Governors. Special Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University. Board of Governors Special Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure, 1952-1958 (RG 02/C1)
The records of the academic freedom cases at Rutgers University, spanning from 1952 to 1958, comprise a series of the documents of the Rutgers University Board of Governors. They consist of one half-manuscript box containing two volumes of documents from the files of John O. Bigelow, chairman of the Board of Governors' Special Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure. The Committee was to create new University statutes on academic freedom and tenure following the replacement of the Board of Trustees by the Board of Governors in September 1956 as the new governing body of the University.

B. Office of the President

Rutgers College. Office of the President. Guide to the Queen's and Rutgers College Presidents' Collection, 1774-1983 (R-MC 116)
The Queen's and Rutgers College Presidents' Collection includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, commencement addresses, inaugural addresses, and published sermons written by or about Rutgers presidents from Jacob Rutsen Hardenbergh through Merrill E. Gates.

Rutgers College. Office of the President. Inventory to the Records of the Austin Scott Administration, 1865-1937 (RG 04/A10)
The records and papers of Austin Scott, 1865-1937 (bulk, 1871-1922) consists of records from his presidency of Rutgers College and personal papers, including his notes from graduate history study in Germany.

Rutgers College. Office of the President. Inventory to the Records of the William H. S. Demarest Administration, 1890-1928 (RG 04/A11)
Administrative records generated by the Office of the President at Rutgers University during the administration of William H. S. Demarest, 1906-1924. The records include reports, meeting minutes, and correspondence.

Rutgers University. Office of the President. Inventory to the Records of the John Martin Thomas Administration, 1902-1932 (inclusive), 1925-1930 (bulk) (RG 04/A12)
Administrative records generated by the Office of the President at Rutgers University during the administration of John Martin Thomas, 1925-1930. These records document a brief period in Rutgers history and captures major events such as the Duffield Commission's investigation into the relations between the State of New Jersey and Rutgers College as well as the day-to-day demands on a university president. Many of Thomas' speeches and writings are among the documents.

Rutgers University. Office of the President. Inventory to the Records of the Robert C. Clothier Administration, 1925-1952 (RG 04/A14)
Rutgers University during the critical years of the Depression, World War II, and immediate postwar years is thoroughly documented in the records of the Office of President during the administration of Robert C. Clothier. Included are extensive subject files covering a wide range of topics concerning both internal operations of the university during this critical period as well as its relations to the State of New Jersey. The records, which cover the years 1925 to 1952, are arranged in six series: I. Subject Files, II. Committee Files, III. Faculty and Administrators Files, IV. Writings and Speeches, V. Trustees and Trustees' Committee Records, and VI. Commencements, Dedications, and Celebrations.

Rutgers University. Office of the President. Inventory to the Records of the Lewis Webster Jones Administration. Group II: Academic Freedom Cases, 1942-1958 (RG 04/A15/02)
The records of the Academic Freedom series created in the Office of Rutgers president Lewis Webster Jones consists of four manuscript boxes of documents that span from 1942-1958. The earliest records document the professional histories of Professors Heimlich, Finley, and Glasser, and the latest documents concern the Board of Governors dealing with censure by the AAUP and AALS. The bulk of the material is from 1952-1953, documenting the procedures of the University in evaluation of the cases and dismissal or resignation of the professors. The records are arranged into two subseries.

Rutgers University. Office of the President. Inventory to the Records of the Mason Welch Gross Administration, 1936, 1945-1971 (RG 04/A16)
Administrative records generated by the Office of the President at Rutgers University during the administration of Mason Gross, 1959-1971. These records document a period of enormous growth of the university, as well as a time of social upheaval and political protest. The records also include Gross' speech and writing files and his faculty papers as Professor of Philosophy.

Rutgers University, Office of the President. Inventory to the Records of the Lewis Webster Jones Administration, Group I: Administrative Records, 1951-1958 (RG 04/A15/01)
Administrative records generated by the Office of President at Rutgers University during the tenure of Lewis Webster Jones, 1951 to 1958. Arranged into two series (University files and Subject files), the records document the growth in enrollment, programs and facilities at Rutgers during the post-World War II era. Of particular interest is a major change in the governance of the university during Dr. Jones' presidency, as the Board of Governors with public appointments by the Governor of New Jersey, solidifies Rutgers as the State University of New Jersey.

C. Administrative Offices of the University

Rutgers College. War Service Bureau. Inventory to the Records of the War Service Bureau, 1917-1919 (RG 33/C0)
The Rutgers College War Service Bureau was founded with the intention of keeping the Rutgers students, alumni, and staff in touch with one another as they served in World War I. The records contain letters from members of the Rutgers community regarding their activities during the war on the home front and abroad. It also contains bulletins from Earl Reed Silvers, the director of the War Service Bureau, about activities at Rutgers during the war.

Rutgers Defense Council. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers Defense Council, 1941-1945 (RG 41/H1)
The records of the Rutgers Defense Council are those maintained by Dean Norman C. Miller, who served as Chairman of the Council from December 1941 to June 1945. The records include correspondence, mostly between Miller and other university administrators, as well as various statements and memoranda relating to defense activities on Rutgers' New Brunswick campuses. Also included are forms relating to Rutgers' function as a center for information on civilian defense, and U.S. Government bulletins, charts and communications on civil defense, air raid instructions, and materials and rosters for fire fighting and first aid training courses. Most of the material is from 1942, when local defense activities were being arranged and organized. Virtually all the correspondence, which comprises the bulk of the material, deals with the administrative and organizational activities of the council. Communications from the U.S. Government provide a detailed account of civil defense procedures deemed necessary for the protection of east coast residents against possible foreign hostilities. Within the General Correspondence series are several documents which highlight the history of the Rutgers Defense Council, and present a picture of university life and concerns during wartime. The Subject File series includes documents that relate the Council's activities to national defense efforts in general, and materials indicating the wide scope of the Rutgers community's involvement in campus civil defense activities.

Rutgers University. Dean of Administration. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Dean of Administration (John L. Swink), 1951-1965 (RG 15/A1)
The records of the Dean of Administration at Rutgers University comprise those created and accumulated primarily during the tenure of John L. Swink, 1958-1962. They are arranged as one series of alphabetical subject files and are housed in seven manuscript boxes. The series also includes documentation of Swink's functions and activities as associate dean of University College, acting dean of Douglass College and acting dean of the College of Agriculture. The files, dating from 1951 to 1965, consist mostly of correspondence, memoranda, minutes, newsletters, pamphlets and newspaper clippings and reflect the wide range of interests and responsibilities held by Swink during his years as a Rutgers University administrator.

Rutgers University. Dean of Student Affairs. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Dean of Student Affairs (Earle W. Clifford, Jr.), 1952-1973 (RG 15/F2)
Earle W. Clifford, Jr. came to Rutgers University in 1963 to serve as Dean of Student Affairs. In this position he was responsible for overseeing activities outside the classroom and had various offices reporting to him. From 1970 to 1972 he was Vice President of Student Affairs. Clifford was at Rutgers during a time in which many social and educational changes were taking place. This collection contains many of his professional papers, which contain his thoughts and reactions to the events of those times.

Rutgers University. Department of Athletics. Centennial Football Game Committee Inventory to the Records of the Centennial Football Game Committee, 1967-1971 (RG 39/A2a)
The records described in this inventory are those of the Centenial Football Game Committee from 1967 to 1971. The Centennial Football Game Committee was formed by the Rutgers University Athletic Department to have planning oversight for the September 1969 centennial football game between Rutgers University and Princeton University. These records relate primarily to the planning logistics surrounding the game and other events that took place during that weekend in commemoration of the first intercollegiate football contest between Rutgers and Princeton on November 6, 1869.

Rutgers University. Division of Intercollegiate Athletics. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (Albert W. Twitchell), 1931-1977, 1962-1974 (bulk) (RG 39/A0/02)
The records of the Rutgers University Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (Albert W. Twitchell) are dated between 1931 and 1977 but are primarily from the 1960s and early 1970s. The records mostly reflect the administration of Albert Twitchell (1961-1973), although there is also a fair amount of Fred Gruninger's correspondence from his days as the assistant athletic director, as well as from his early days as the athletic director. In addition, there is also correspondence from Don Heilman, an assistant athletic director under Gruninger. In general, the records consist of letters, contracts, schedules, expense reports, receipts, drawings, and other correspondence that reflect the role the Athletics Department played at Rutgers during this period.

Rutgers University. Office of Public Information. Inventory to the Records on the Vietnam War Teach-Ins at Rutgers University, 1965-1966 (RG 07/A2/01)
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, statements, and reports related to the controversy surrounding the three "Teach Ins" held at Rutgers University in 1965. The bulk of the public comment was sparked by Rutgers Professor Genovese's April 23, 1965 "Teach In" statement, "I do not fear or regret the impending Viet Cong victory in Vietnam. I welcome it," and the University's subsequent handling of the matter. The "Teach In" at which Genovese made his statement was a discussion of American foreign policy in Vietnam organized by Rutgers College Faculty. Items addressing this issue also represent the bulk of the materials in the collection.

Rutgers University. Office of the Secretary. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Office of the Secretary (Carl Raymond Woodward), 1928-1943 (RG 09/A1/02)
Administrative records maintained in the Office of the Secretary of Rutgers University during the tenure of Dr. Carl R. Woodward. The records, which consist of alphabetical subject files, document the University throughout the depression and the preceding and early years of World War II. Woodward maintained a close relationship with Robert C. Clothier, who served as president of Rutgers during this period.

Rutgers University. Office of the University Chaplain (Bradford S. Abernethy). Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Chaplain (Bradford S. Abernethy) 1928-1974 (RG 23/H3)
The records of the Rutgers University Chaplain detail Bradford S. Abernethy's role and responsibilities at Rutgers as its religious leader. Many of Abernethy's papers contain material regarding his affiliations with religious and foreign exchange associations. They also demonstrate his concern with issues such as civil rights, conflict, and international relief efforts. Other papers detail the business matters of the use and maintenance of Kirkpatrick Chapel. The papers are divided into seven series, I. General Correspondence, II. Subject Files, III. Chapel Files, IV. International Organizations, Foreign Exchanges and Students Files, V. National Association of College and University Chaplains (NACUC) Files, VI. Writings, and VII. Photographs.

Rutgers University. Office of University Librarian. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Office of University Librarian (Donald F. Cameron), 1925-1971 (RG 40/A1/03)
The administrative records in this collection document the activities of the Office of University Librarian under the leadership of Donald F. Cameron. Not only does it outline the regular operations of the office, but it also records the multitude of activites that Cameron partook in as the University Librarian. The Annual Reports of the Librarian of the University relate the activities of the library as a whole, its departments, and its units and were issued for accountability purposes. The Budget and Financial records include letters and memos on budgetary matters, budget sheets, salary rates, accountings of endowments, and financial statistics. The General Correspondence series mainly consists of letters, the majority of which document the mundane matters of Cameron's everyday work. Within the Subject Files is documentation of Cameron's leadership of the Rutgers Libraries. The Library Buildings series documents the planning and construction of many Rutgers University libraries, which were overseen by Cameron.

Rutgers University. Office of University Librarian. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Office of University Librarian (George A. Osborn), 1880-1955 (RG 40/A1/02)
The collection contains papers generated by George A. Osborn during his career as a Rutgers Librarian. The folders contain information about his actions as librarian including the expansion of the Voorhees Library due to serious space constraints of the library at the time. Also included are various committee papers, budget and funding information. Series III is dedicated specifically to "Friends of Rutgers Library."

Rutgers University Provost and Vice President (Richard Schlatter). Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Provost and Vice-President (Richard Schlatter) 1945-1972 (RG 15/A2)
The records of Rutgers University Provost and Vice-President Richard Schlatter document the state of education at Rutgers in the 1960s, a decade of exceptional growth. The records reflect the concerns of administrators, staff, and students who were dealing with the expansion of and changes in the role of the university, social changes, and the Vietnam War. The papers demonstrate that the Provost's duties involved him in many aspects of the operation of the university and required that he have deep knowledge of university structures and policies. The records are contained in three series: I. General Correspondence Files, II. Subject Files, and III. Name Files.

Rutgers University Provost's Cabinet. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Provost's Cabinet, 1953-1972 (RG 15/M2)
The Provost's Cabinet was established under Provost Mason W. Gross and continued under Richard Schlatter's tenure until its discontinuance in 1972. The records in this collection consist mainly of meeting minutes and reports. The collection contains minutes from Meeting No. 1 on July 8, 1953 through Meeting No. 155 on June 14, 1971. It also includes correspondence and material from the Provost's Cabinet Committee on University Governance.

Rutgers University Vice Provost and Dean of the University. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Office of Vice Provost and Dean of the University (Albert E. Meder) 1917-1968 (RG 15/H0)
Albert E. Meder came to Rutgers as an instructor in mathematics in 1926. Between his arrival and his retirement in 1968, he held many positions at Rutgers, including Acting Dean of Douglass College, Secretary of the University, Dean of the University, Dean of Administration, and finally Vice Provost and Dean of the University. His records reflect his activities in these offices and show his relationships with other members of the Rutgers community, many of whom reported to him.

D. Schools, Colleges, and Divisions

Douglass College. Inventory to the Records of the Douglass College Council, 1928-1970 (RG 19/G1/01)
The records document the operations of the Douglass College Committee on Academic Regulations and its successor, the Douglass College Council during the period 1928 to 1970. This series includes agendas, minutes of meetings, correspondence, studies of student populations from various aspects, information on curricula and changes to curriculum for the period.

Douglass College. Office of the Dean. Inventory to the Records of the Dean of Douglass College (Group I), 1887-1973 (RG 19/A0/01)
The history of Douglass College, formerly the New Jersey College for Women, as a coordinate college of Rutgers University, is thoroughly documented in the records of the Dean of the College. These records, dating from 1887, include correspondence, memoranda, committee minutes, annual reports, and other records from the administrations of Mabel Smith Douglass (1918-1933), Albert E. Meder, Jr, (acting dean, 1932-1934), Margaret T. Corwin (1934-1955), Mary I. Bunting (1955-1960), Ruth M. Adams (1960-1966), and Margery Somers Foster (1967-1975).

Douglass College. Office of the Dean. Inventory to the Records of the Dean of Douglass College (Group II), 1965-1981 (RG 19/A0/02)
Records generated by the Office of the Dean of Douglass College during the administrations of Margery Somers Foster, Paula P. Brownlee, and Jewel Plummer Cobb, 1965-1981. During this time period Rutgers University witnessed enormous change, much of which had an impact on Douglass College, including the move to turn the previous all-male Rutgers College into a coeducational unit of the university, student protests over civil rights and the Vietnam War, and a major reorganization of Rutgers that transformed Douglass College from an academic college to a residence college. The records vividly document the position of the Douglass College deans in reaction to these events.

Livingston College. Office of the Dean. Records of the Office of the Dean of Livingston College (Ernest A. Lynton) 1943-1974 (RG 21/A0/04)
Records generated by the Office of the Dean of Livingston College during the administration of Ernest A. Lynton, 1965-1973. During this time period, Rutgers University concluded that it was in its best interest to found Livingston College in 1969, “with the mission of bringing together a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff in a shared-learning community committed to the pursuit of excellence and academic innovation.” In doing so, Rutgers University, “was attempting to respond in a meaningful manner, as a public institution, to the urban problems and urban populations of the state.” The records document the planning and administration of the federated cluster college plan that resulted in attempts to innovate and experiment with higher education in the form of Livingston College.

New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Stations. Inventory to the Records of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Stations in New Brunswick, 1889-1962 (RG 18/E0)
The records of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Stations in New Brunswick consist of material from the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station and the College Experiment Station. The records date from the period 1889-1962, with the bulk of the material from the period 1916-1933. The records are contained in three series: Minutes and Reports, Administrative Files, and Research Notes.

New Jersey College of Pharmacy. Inventory to the Records of the New Jersey College of Pharmacy, 1892-1942 (RG 22/A0)
Administrative records that document the founding and early development of the New Jersey College of Pharmacy. Established in 1892 in Newark, the school slowly evolved until it became incorporated into Rutgers University in 1927. Included are records dating from 1892 through 1942.

New Jersey Law School. Deans Office. Inventory to the Records of the New Jersey Law School, 1908-1950 (RG N7)
The records described in this inventory are those of the New Jersey Law School Dean's Office from 1908-1942. New Jersey Law School was one of the predecessors of Rutgers Law School-Newark and its pre-legal department was the predecessor of Dana College, one of the entities which ultimately formed the nucleus of Rutgers University-Newark. These records relate to the initial organization of New Jersey Law School and its daily operations during the period primarily from 1908-1936 when it merged with the University of Newark.

Rutgers College. Dean of Men. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers College Office of Dean of Men, 1928-1947 (RG 23/H0)
The records described in this inventory are those of the Office of the Dean of Men of Rutgers University. They date from 1925 to 1945, when Fraser Metzger served as Dean of Men. During part of this time Metzger also served as acting Chaplain. A majority of the records represented are those that relate to Chaplain activities. The records fall into two series: 1) those concerning services in Kirkpatrick Chapel, and 2) those pertaining to the honoring of Rutgers students killed in World War II.

Rutgers College. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers College Department of English, 1940-1968 (RG23/D11/01)
The Rutgers College Department of English maintained extensive files on all of its employees and students from 1940-1968, many of whom were people recently discharged from the military. These folders contain personnel and personal information, as well as committee records and statistical data. Files of the department Chairmen J. Milton French and Rudolf Kirk and Deans Harry G. Owen and Albert E. Meder are part of the collection. These files document important events in the history of the department. The information contained in them gives a picture of who was working and studying in the Rutgers English Department from 1940-1968, some of the social issues of the time, and the development of the department.

Rutgers Council of AAUP. Inventory to the Records of the American Association of University Professors. Rutgers Council of American Association of University Professors Chapters (RCAAUP). Bargaining and Negotiation Files, 1967-2004 (RG 090/4)
Material generated and collected by the staff and members of the RCAAUP, the bargaining agent of faculty, teaching assistants, and graduate assistants at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Material pertains to bargaining and negotiations with the administration of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Rutgers Medical College (New York, N.Y.). Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers Medical College (New York, N.Y.), 1792-1973 (RG 21/A1)
The records of the Rutgers Medical College document the efforts of two prominent New York City physicians in their attempts to secure an academic sponsorship of medical education during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. On three different occasions Queen's College and Rutgers College were solicited to grant degrees to students studying medicine at institutions geographically located in New York City. Concerns of competition with existing medical schools, ability to license physicians to practice medicine in one jurisdiction while receiving credentials from another, and the role of medical education in these early years are addressed in this collection.

Rutgers--Newark. Office of the Vice President. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Newark Vice President (Malcolm Talbott): Committee of Concern, 1960-1971 (N7/G3/3)
The Committee of Concern was formed in 1967 in response to riots that took place in Newark, New Jersey. Its aim was to determine the causes for the riots and to formulate possible social and economic improvements. The collection consists primarily of minutes of meetings, correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, and related materials.

Rutgers University Art Gallery. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Fine Arts Gallery and the Fine Arts Collection, 1966-2009 (RG 34/A)
The records described in this inventory are those of the Rutgers University Art Gallery and the Fine Arts Collection from 1966-1979. Additional files regarding The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum through 2009 are included. The Rutgers University Art Gallery was the predecessor of The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, which is one of the most distinguished university-based museums in the nation. The Museum houses more than 60,000 works including Russian and Soviet works from the Dodge Collection, American Art from the 18th Century to the present and European Art from the 15th Century to the present, as well as holdings of works on paper including prints, rare books, drawings, photographs and other illustrations.

Rutgers University. Board of Governors, Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Board of Governors Buildings and Grounds Committee, 1952-2002 (RG 02/C4)
A committee on Buildings and Grounds was established by the Board of Governors on October 17, 1956. The committee was charged with advising the Chairman of the Board of Governors and Board of Trustees, as well as the President of the Corporation and University, with "respect to the buildings, grounds and equipment occupied by or utilized by the University." The committee was also expected to make recommendations as to the "acquisition of additional real estate and the erection of buildings." The records in this collection comprise meeting minutes and agendas, as well as reports and studies, on such subjects as campus development and master plans; capital improvements; renovations and repairs; the sale and acquisition of land or real estate; architectural proposals; traffic studies; and other matters.

Rutgers University. College of Nursing. Dean's Office. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University College of Nursing Office of the Dean, 1952-1994 (RG N3/A0)
The records of the College of Nursing Dean's Office date from 1952 to 1994. The bulk of the collection dates from the 1980s, during Dorothy DeMaio's tenure as dean. Records document the philosophy and evolution of nursing degree programs and curriculum, the development of a nursing doctoral program, the accreditation process, faculty and staff relations, faculty tenure review, and women in education.

Rutgers University. Graduate School of Social Work, Dean's Office Records, 1947-1962 (RG 31/A0/4)
This portion of the collection of the records Graduate School of Social Work's dean's office spans the years from 1947 through 1962. The records document the administrative and academic development of the school, its programs, and its professional communication with other organizations and institutions in the field of social work. It includes many records of correspondence between the school's first dean, Wayne Vasey, and other professionals in the field. Records of various professional institutes and seminars offered by the school are present, such as institutes for county welfare directors, teachers, group workers, and police. Correspondence and participation in professional organizations such as the Council on Social Work Education, the National Social Welfare Assembly, and the National Association of Social Workers are included in the collection, as well as local outreach organizations in which the school participated, such as several Monmouth County organizations and the State of New Jersey Reconciliation Program. There is a significant amount of material pertaining to children and youth, particularly state and government correspondence concerning child welfare, and various organizations that serve to aid children.

Rutgers University. Office of Media Relations. Guide to the Records of the Don Imus Controversy, April 4, 2007-May 9, 2007 (RG 07/A1C)
These records from the Rutgers University Office of Media Relations comprise those created and accumulated during the Don Imus controversy, spanning April 4th-May 9th of 2007. The controversy involves Don Imus, a radio talk-show host, and the comments he made during his show concerning the Rutgers University Women's Basketball team after their loss to Tennessee in the NCAA Women's National Championship game. The comments were deemed racist and sexist, and subsequently sparked a heated debate regarding the consequences of offensive speech.

Rutgers University. Office of the Secretary. Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Office of the Secretary (Karl E. Metzger), 1945-1975 (RG 09/A3/01)
The Secretary of the University is the official records keeper for the Board of Governors, the University Trustees, and the University Senate. In addition, the Secretary of the University is responsible for giving public notice for all meetings. Karl E. Metzger was the Secretary of the University for 23 years, from 1950 until 1973. The collection consists of subject files.

Rutgers University Psychological Clinic. Inventory to the Records of Rutgers Psychological Clinic, 1929-1965 (RG 30/C1)
The records of the Rutgers Psychological Clinic derive from the files of Dr. Anna Starr, director. Included are clinical and annual reports, 1929-1957; files pertaining to activities in connection with psychological testing, speech therapy, World War II, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gifts, Freshmen Reading Surveys, and the 25th anniversary conference; statistics, 1929-1945, including an in-depth analysis of Middlesex County (NJ) patients, 1929-1935; files, including a dissertation by R. Wayne Jones (Univ. of Miami, 1963) and a master's thesis (Rutgers, 1937) pertaining to the Rutgers Drawing Test, a nonverbal intelligence test developed by Anna Starr that was administered to pre-school children; clippings, brochures and other publications pertaining to the clinic; some records and writings by Henry E. Starr, the first director. Five motion picture films documenting testing of children are also included.

Rutgers University School of Law. Committee of Review. Inventory to the Rutgers University School of Law. Committee of Review. Transcripts of the Hearings Regarding The Suspension of Abraham Glasser, May-June, 1953 (RG N7/G2/03)
The records of the hearings regarding the suspension of Abraham Glasser, Professor of Law, before the Faculty Committee of Review of the School of Law, consist of eight transcripts dating May-June, 1953. The transcripts are arranged chronologically in one half manuscript box. The Faculty Committee was referred to the case by University President Lewis Webster Jones, with Law Professor Arthur R. Lewis named chairman. In the course of the hearings, the Committee followed a strict reading of President Jones' two questions: did Glasser violate the fixed policy of the Board of Trustees concerning invoking the fifth amendment when questioned about Communist Party affiliation or membership, and if so, whether there were any unusual circumstances which mitigated this violation.


Natural History Society of Rutgers College. Guide to the Records of the Rutgers College Natural History Society, 1857-1874 (RG 48/B1)
Founded in 1857 by a group of interested students, the Natural History Society of Rutgers College enjoyed a short but active life under the direction of Professor George Cook. The records include founding documents such as the society's constitution, minutes, catalogs of donations to the society, bulletins, correspondence from honorary and corresponding members, financial records, and newspaper and other accounts of the society's activities.

Peithossophian Society of Rutgers College. Guide to the Records of the Peithossophian Society of Rutgers College, 1825-1927 (RG 48/A1)
Records of the Peithessophian Society, a student literary group founded at Rutgers College in 1825 for the intellectual broadening of its members. The Society ranged widely in membership size, probably over one hundred by the mid-19th century. It declined in membership after the Civil War, although it continued to exist until the late 1890's. It was revived briefly in the 1920's.

Philoclean Society of Rugters College. Guide to the Records of the Philoclean Society of Rutgers College, 1825-1927 (RG 48/A2)
Records of the Philoclean Society of Rutgers College, founded on December 8, 1825, the second of two college literary societies established in the nineteenth century.

National Student Convention, 1988. Guide to the Records of the National Student Convention, '88, 1983-1992, 1987-1988 (bulk) (R-MC 064)
The collection contains correspondence, minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, press releases, publicity, and reports related to student activism at Rutgers in the 1980s, specifically the planning and implementation of the National Student Convention in 1988. Additional material includes a small photograph series, several t-shirts, a hat, a banner and several buttons pertaining to the issues student activists were addressing at this time.

Young Men's Christian Association of Rutgers College. Inventory to the Records of the Young Men's Christian Association of Rutgers College, 1876-1926 (RG 48/I4/01)
The records of the Young Men's Christian Association of Rutgers College are the administrative records of the Association's work at Rutgers from 1876-1926. It contains two ledger books and miscellaneous papers found within its pages. The Association began its work focusing strictly on religious activities but eventually shifted to more secular topics, such as political and social issues. Included in these records are meeting minutes, reports, and membership and officer lists.


Adrain, Robert, Guide to the Robert Adrain Collection, 1826-1840 (R-MC 141)
Robert Adrain was a professor of mathematics at Rutgers College, Columbia College, and the University of Pennsylvania. The notebooks in this collection demonstrate his work method, general approach, and drafts of his publications to journals such as Mathematical Diaries as well as several instances of personal record keeping. These papers start at the middle of his teaching career at Rutgers and track his time there as well as at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia College Grammar School.

Agger, Eugene E., 1879-1966. Guide to the Eugene E. Agger Papers, 1935-1956 (R-MC 057)
Dr. Eugene E. Agger studied economics at the University of Cincinnati and Columbia University. He taught economics at Columbia before becoming a professor of economics and head of the Economics department at Rutgers University from 1926-1950. Dr. Agger held many prominent positions in the economics and banking communities and authored several books on those subjects.

Begin, James P. Guide to the James P. Begin Papers, 1956-1985, 1967-1974 (bulk) (R-MC 048)
Textual materials gathered and created by James P. Begin that document the establishment and early history of faculty collective bargaining and the establishment of a chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) at Rutgers University.

Burks, Ardath W., 1915- Guide to the Ardath W. Burks Papers, 1928-1996 (R-MC 083)
The Ardath W. Burks Papers, 1928-1996, are those maintained and created by Ardath W. Burks, Rutgers University administrator and Professor of Asian Studies. The papers contain material relating to both Burks' personal and public activities. Personal activities relate to his family and home life. His relationship with Japan, manifested in many ways, dominates his public activities; Burks' education, military service, promotion of positive relationships between Japan and the United States, and his academic career and endeavors relating to academia comprise elements of his public activities. However, the line of demarcation between the two spheres of activity blurs often, and documents like correspondence frequently contain information related to a myriad of topics, such as his family life, academic activities, and participation in Sister Cities International programs.

Cavin, Susan, Guide to the Papers of Susan Cavin, 1971-1991 (R-MC 007)
Susan Cavin has been a prolific writer and an outspoken supporter of Gay and Lesbian rights. This collection provides readers with examples of her work including information on her dissertation and writings demonstrating her support of the Women's Studies Program at Rutgers. The collection also contains papers about Gay and Lesbian organizations and activities that Cavin was involved with at Rutgers University.

Chang, Stephen S., 1918-1996. Guide to the Stephen S. Chang Papers, 1933-2001, 1960-1988 (bulk) (R-MC 080)
The Stephen S. Chang Papers document the extensive scientific research accomplishments of the former chair of the Food Science department at Cook College, Rutgers University. The collection consists of documents ranging in date from 1933 to 2001. The bulk of documents found in the collection were created from 1960 to 1988. Dr. Chang's research and business dealings with the American Lecithin Company, Kabi Vitrum, Pharmacia and the Lever Brothers companies comprise a significant portion of the collection. Personal photographs and letters as well as international and professional material are also included. Rutgers University policies and information regarding the Food Science department are represented as well. The papers contain a broad representation of formats, including correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, reports, letters, patents and financial/budget plans. Handwritten notes are also found in the collection in addition to newspaper articles, photographs, negatives, programs and brochures.

Chernick, Jack. Guide to the Jack Chernick Papers, 1953-1981, bulk 1960-1980. (R-MC 111)
Records that chronicle Chernick's career as an arbitrator, educator, labor commissioner and researcher over a period of more than thirty years. They document Chernick's accomplishments as a mediator for the American Arbitration Association, his professional interest in, and efforts in support of, the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, and his service with the New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission. The Papers also underscore Chernick's contributions to the development and growth of the Rutgers University School of Labor and Management Relations (SMLR), where he was a professor of industrial relations.

Cohen, Gilbert. The Rutgers–Newark in the 1960s and 1970s Oral History Collection, 1990-1992
The collection consists of cassette recordings of oral history interviews conducted by librarian emeritus Gilbert Cohen. These interviews document the city of Newark and Rutgers University–Newark in the 1960s and 1970s. Sixty people associated with the Rutgers–Newark campus were interviewed including students, faculty, administration, and staff representing a wide spectrum of political beliefs and levels of activism.

Cole, William Harder, 1892-1967. Guide to the William Harder Cole Papers, 1910-1967 (R-MC 009)
William Cole served as a distinguished professor of physiology and biochemistry at Rutgers University from 1928 to 1959. His papers include correspondence, drafts of speeches and articles, reprints of published materials, and other research files that document his scientific career.

The Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience. Inventory to the Records of the Conference on Literature and Urban Experience (CLUE), Rutgers University Newark, April 17-19, 1980, 1978-1983 (R-MC 070)
The Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience (hereafter referred to as "CLUE"), took place on April 17, 18, and 19, 1980, in the Robeson Center, Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. It featured more than 50 distinguished writers and academics discussing a wide range of topics--"literature, theater, film, education, and the visual arts" focusing on the theme of urban experience. Designed as an educational experiment intended to engage a larger, public audience, CLUE intended to reach out to the public at large and engage it in a broad discussion of the modern urban experience. CLUE was an important event in several respects: first, it was an important humanities gathering focusing on a timely theme; second, it was a community outreach experiment; and finally, it succeeded in disseminating materials from the conference in a variety of formats. The records are divided into five separate series: I. Participants' Correspondence and Conference Papers, II. CLUE Organizational Papers, III. Fundraising Efforts, IV. Information on the Rutgers University Press (RUP) Publication Papers, V. Photographs.

Davis, Robert B. (Robert Benjamin), 1926- . Guide to the Robert B. Davis Papers 1957-1997 (R-MC 059)
The Robert B. Davis Papers contain material relating to Davis's career in mathematics education. The collection is composed of notes, correspondence, e-mail printouts, articles and book chapters, course materials, and trip itineraries. Although most of the material pertains to Davis's professional activities, some documents relate to personal matters.

Dinerman, Miriam, Guide to the Papers of Miriam Dinerman, 1925-2010 (R-MC 148)
Miriam Dinerman served in the Rutgers University School of Social Work as a professor from 1960 to 1999, and continued to teach until 2008. This collection holds numerous drafts and published articles by Dinerman as well as legal documentation for the journal Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, notes, and correspondence throughout and after her career at Rutgers.

Doolittle, Theodore Sandford, 1836-1893. Guide to the Theodore Sandford Doolittle Papers, 1857-1930, 1857-1930 (inclusive); 1857-1893 (bulk) (R-MC 002)
A reformed minister and educator, Theodore Sandford Doolittle served as professor of Rhetoric, Logic, and Metaphysics at Rutgers College. He also lectured on arechitecture, served as Vice President of the college, and acting President. The collection consists of three boxes arranged into a single series. The first includes clippings of lecture notices and miscellaneous articles, a printed syllabus for "Lectures on Architecture;" correspondence, obituaries, clippings and related letters, and portrait photographs of the adult Doolittle at various ages. The other two boxes contain works by Doolittle, including clippings of editorials from the weekly newspaper Christian at Work. There are also manuscript copies of A Historical Sketch of Rutgers College, and handwritten sermons.

Eiger, Norman. Guide to the Norman Eiger Papers (R-MC 112)
The papers consist of primarily textual records that chronicle Eiger's twenty-six year career as an educator and student of labor movements throughout the world. In particular, the Papers document Eiger's faculty and administrative affiliation with the Rutgers University Institute of Management and Labor Relations (IMLR, now the School of Management and Labor Relations, SMLR).

Faculty Alliance for Rutgers (FAR). Inventory to the Records of the Faculty Alliance for Rutgers (FAR), 1985-1998, 1996-1998 (bulk) (R-MC 069)
The Faculty Alliance for Rutgers (FAR) was an organization founded by members of Rutgers faculty in 1996. The Alliance was particularly concerned with faculty governance and the involvement of the faculty in policy decisions. The group formed as the result of their dissatisfaction with University President Francis L. Lawrence (1990-2003). Particular areas of contention were the athletic program at Rutgers, faculty employment issues, and other Lawrence- sponsored initiatives. The records in this collection consist of correspondence, position papers, newsletters, research, and articles of interest. John R. Gillis deposited the FAR records with University Archives on May 26, 2004.

Gillespie, Angus K., 1944-, Guide to the Angus K. Gillespie Papers, ca. 1979-2002, Series I and II: Looking for America on the New Jersey Turnpike and Twin Towers: The Life of New York City's World Trade Center (R-MC 086)
Angus Gillespie is an American Studies professor at Rutgers University. The series in this collection contain records related to two of his books: Looking for America on the New Jersey Turnpike (1989) co-authored with Rutgers University professor Michael Rockland, and Twin Towers: The Life of New York City's World Trade Center (1999). Included in this collection are materials about the destruction of the towers on September 11, 2001. Gillespie added another chapter addressing September 11 in the book's second edition (2002).

Herrmann, Lewis. Guide to the Lewis Herrmann Papers (R-MC 113)
The Lewis M. Herrmann Papers consist of primarily print and photographic records that document Herrmann's personal life and professional career as an educator, publisher, researcher, trade unionist, philanthropist and New Jersey state legislator. Spanning a period of more than four decades, the Papers chronicle key contributions that Herrmann made to the development of the Labor Education Center at Rutgers University's Institute of Management and Labor Relations (IMLR).

Johnson, Walton R. Guide to the Walton R. Johnson Papers, 1949-2001, bulk 1995-1999 (R-MC 082)
The papers of Walton R. Johnson, Professor of Social Anthropology, Department of Africana Studies at Rutgers University, contain material dated between 1949 and 2001. The bulk of the material covers the years 1995 to 1999. The collection was largely assembled by Johnson to chronicle the events at Rutgers University during the spring of 1995, a semester of crisis for the university ignited by racially insensitive remarks made by then Rutgers President Francis L. Lawrence. Johnson gathered copies of the extensive news coverage occasioned by the events at Rutgers. He also gathered research material on minority and race issues that are included in this collection along with some personal papers relating to course work and his own writings. In general, the papers consist of copies of news stories, draft copies, correspondence, position papers, and articles of interest.

Johnston, James A., 1926-1968. Guide to the James A. Johnston Papers, 1934-1965 (R-MC 063)
James A. Johnston's papers document his teaching and research activities as Associate Professor of Agricultural Biochemistry. His papers also reflect his involvement in a study to establish a two-year medical school at Rutgers and in the naming of Rutgers Agricultural College (later Cook College). The records are contained in two series: I. Subject Files and II. Article Reprints.

Krueckeberg, Donald A. Guide to the Papers of Donald A. Krueckeberg, 1962-2008 (R-MC 104)
This collection consists of the correspondences, notebooks, personal papers, scholastic works, publication drafts and notes of Donald A. Krueckeberg, Rutgers University professor of Urban Planning. It also consists of resources used and collected by Dr. Krueckeberg throughout his life as a professor, author, professional and in his personal life.

Martin, William H. Guide to the William H. Martin Collection, 1920-1962 (R-MC 139)
This collection contains materials about William H. Martin, Dean of the College of Agriculture at Rutgers University from 1939 until his retirement in 1960. The bulk of this collection's records cover the years from 1945 to 1960. The materials include photographs, press releases, newspaper clippings, speeches, and ephemeral matter produced on special occasions.

McCormick, Richard L., Guide to the Richard L. McCormick Papers, 1954-2013, bulk 1979-2012. (R-MC 149)
The Richard L. McCormick Papers contain documentation created and accumulative throughout his professional career as a Rutgers faculty member and chair of the History department in New Brunswick, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and nineteenth president of Rutgers University. They were gathered together with the purpose of researching and writing his presidential memoir, Raised at Rutgers: A President’s Story (2014). Upon concluding the manuscript, Dr. McCormick donated the papers to the Rutgers University Archives. The papers include extensive documentation of the major changes that McCormick enacted as president, including the transformation of undergraduate education in New Brunswick, the time and effort spent on raising the profile of Rutgers athletics, the various committees and events held to further diversify the community, making both physical and intellectual improvements to the Rutgers educational experience, and the merger within of most units of the University of Medicine and Dentistry (UMDNJ) into Rutgers in 2013.

McCormick, Richard P., 1916- . Guide to the Richard P. McCormick Papers, 1929-2003 (R-MC 050)
The papers of Richard P. McCormick document the career of a prolific scholar, educator, and college administrator. The papers consist of materials accrued during his life as a historian of the United States, New Jersey, and Rutgers University, and his academic and administrative career at Rutgers University. The collection dates from 1929 to 2003, with the bulk of the material from the period between 1940 and 1997. The records are contained in eighteen series: I. Biographical/Personal, II. Correspondence, III. Speaking Engagements, IV. Research Files, V. Writings and Manuscripts, VI. Historians' Reviews of McCormick's Work, VII. Teaching Materials, VIII. Rutgers University Files, IX. Professional Affiliations and Historical Organizations, X. American Historical Association, XI. American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, XII. New Jersey Historical Commission, XIII. New Jersey Historical Society, XIV. Organization of American Historians, XV. Calendars/Calendar Sheets, XVI. Photographs, XVII. Student, Faculty, and Alumni Papers, and XVIII. Voting Data, Oversized Material, and Census Data.

Medoff, John K. Guide to the Papers of John K. Medoff, 1911-2005 (R-MC 123)
The papers of John K. Medoff document the business, academic, and civic affairs he was involved in throughout his adult life. Medoff began his own pest control business and through it, became highly involved with what became Cook College.

Meisler, George. Guide to the George Meisler Papers (R-MC 115)
The George Meisler Papers consist of primarily textual materials that chronicle Meisler's mid-twentieth-century career as a labor advocate, consultant, editor, educator, mediator, researcher, and student. Among the activities represented in the papers are Meisler's efforts as a proponent of civil rights and his affiliation with various governmental and professional organizations, such as the Association of Labor Mediation Agencies, the New Jersey State Board of Mediation, and the Retail Clerks International Association.

Richards, Pamela Spence, 1944-1999. Guide to the Pamela Spence Richards Papers, 1963-1998 (R-MC 066)
Papers of Pamela Spence Richards, Professor of Library Studies at Rutgers University from 1977 until her death in 1999. The collection consists of publications, reports, reprints of published materials, and correspondence. The papers also document Pamela Richards' service to Rutgers University as chair of the Library and Information Science (LIS) Search Committee, the LIS Scholarship Committee, the LIS Budget Committee and the Curriculum Committee. Works and papers in the collection representative of Professor Richards' service to the scholarly community at large, include records from the boards and committees of the more than fifteen professional associations on which she served; more than twenty journal articles, including some in Russian, French and German; as well as numerous conference proceedings.

Rowen, Herbert Harvey, 1916-1999. Guide to the Papers of Herbert H. Rowen, 1948-1999 (R-MC 135)
This collection consists of material created by Herbert H. Rowen, noted Dutch and Early Modern Historian and professor of history at Rutgers University. It includes copies of Rowen's published works, copies of his Master's thesis and PhD dissertation, as well as information about his scholarly activities and teaching career.

Stauber, Leslie A., 1907-1973. Guide to the Leslie A. Stauber Papers, 1927-1973 (R-MC 008)
Dr. Leslie A. Stauber attended Rutgers as a student and later returned as a professor of zoology. He was prominent in the fields of zoology and microbiology and served on many boards and committees both within and outside of the university community. This collection contains his papers and his personal and professional correspondence along with photographs.

Stetin, Sol. Guide to the Sol Stetin papers, 1935-1992, bulk 1972-1989 (R-MC 106)
The Sol Stetin Papers consist of primarily textual records that chronicle Stetin's career as an educator and proponent for organized labor over a period of more than fifty years. They document Stetin's personal and professional association with various divisions and programs at Rutgers University, along with his work as an independent labor consultant and researcher, and a campaign that Stetin led on behalf of the Textile Workers Union.

Tiger, Lionel. 1937-. Guide to the Lionel Tiger Papers, 1958-2011 (R-MC 117)
This collection documents Lionel Tiger's career as a renowned anthropologist. Tiger has devoted most of his career to teaching anthropology at Rutgers University and currently holds the title of Charles Darwin Professor Emeritus of Anthropology. The collection includes materials that relate to all aspects of his career including correspondence, publications, research notes, and teaching files as well as documentation of his involvement in professional organizations and role as a consultant to the U.S. Government.

Vertrees, Joseph H. Guide to the Joseph H. Vertrees Papers, 1911-1988, bulk 1925-1959 (R-MC 114)
The Joseph H. Vertrees Papers consist of primarily textual records that document the legacy of a notable American educator and authority on industrial relations. In particular, the Papers chronicle the contributions that Vertrees made to the Rutgers University Extension Department and to the University's Institute of Management and Labor Relations (IMLR).

Waksman, Selman A., 1888-1973. Guide to the Selman A. Waksman Papers, 1916-1977 (R-MC 003)
Selman A. Waksman, a Rutgers University professor of Microbiology, is best known for the discovery of streptomycin. His papers include materials related to his work as a microbiologist, publications by and about him, patent litigation and patent royalty files, which include litigation brought about by Albert Schatz regarding the discovery of streptomycin. They also include photographs, notebooks kept by his secretaries, and memorabilia commemorating his career and his contributions to science.

Zatlin, Phyllis, 1938-. The Phyllis Zatlin Papers, 1946-2009 (R-MC 107)
The Phyllis Zatlin Papers document Zatlin's scholarship in the field of Spanish theater and literature and her work as both a professor and administrator at Rutgers University. The materials include personal and professional correspondence, playscripts, articles, and audio visual materials.


Allen, Vermont Edward, 1901-1961. Guide to the Papers of Vermont Edward Allen, 1915-1939 (R-MC 084)
This collection consists of the diaries, correspondence, notebooks, and personal papers of Vermont Edward Allen, a 1924 graduate of Rutgers College. This collection also includes the notebooks of his wife Katherine Merriwether Allen. The diaries in particular document Allen's experiences as an African American, as a new college graduate looking for work, and as a teacher in the southern United States. The papers consist of two series I. Vermont Edward Allen Files, and II. Katherine Merriwether Allen File.

Archibald, Lauren Sinclair, 1893-1946. Guide to the Lauren Sinclair Archibald Collection, Rutgers College Class of 1917, 1915-1926 (R-MC 119)
This collection is comprised of records and memorabilia from Lauren Sinclair Archibald's time as a student at Rutgers College, as a Lieutenant in the US Army during World War I, and as a teacher at the Rutgers School of Agriculture.

Boyd, Elizabeth R., Guide to the Elizabeth R. Boyd Historical Collection on Rutgers University, 1795-1956 (R-MC 089)
This collection primarily consists of Rutgers University documents and notes and printed material relating to Rutgers. Many of the original Rutgers University documents were housed in the Rutgers University Archives for a number of years. Then they became separated. At some point, perhaps in the 1950s, these documents came into the possession of Elizabeth R. Boyd, who worked in the Rutgers University Library in the 1930s through the 1950s and was the first curator of the Rutgersensia collection, which was a collection of historical information on Rutgers. Other information regarding painters and paintings was compiled by Alexander Stuart Graham who worked in the Rutgers University Library in the 1920s and 1930s. Although some of the materials were originally housed in different collections, their collation into the Boyd collection has been maintained, with some exceptions. The collection is divided into three series: I. Rutgers University Files, II. William Henry Steele Demarest Files, and III. Boyd/Graham Files.

Bruskin, Harold M., Scrapbook, 1940-1947, (R-MC 138)
A veteran of 9th Infantry Division, Harold M. Bruskin fought and worked as a radio operator throughout the European, African, and Middle Eastern theaters until he was injured on the Normandy front on July 25, 1944. Bruskin was ultimately awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, and a European-African-Middle Eastern (EAME) medal for his service. This collection consists of a large scrapbook featuring correspondence, photographs, clippings, paper money, and ephemera.

Bruyn, Augustus Hasbrouck, 1817-1904. Guide to the Augustus Hasbrouck Bruyn Letters, 1832-1848 (R-MC 028)
The collections consists of 35 letters either written to or by Augustus Bruyn while he was a student at Rutgers College, 1832-1836 as well as latter in his life. The letters are exchanged between Bruyn, family members and friends.

Canfield, Frederick A., Guide to the Frederick A. Canfield Papers, 1858-1923 (R-MC 140)
A collection of the mineralogical and mining, genealogical, and personal papers of an 1870 Rutgers College alumnus.

Chester, Albert Huntington, 1843-1903. Guide to the Albert Huntington Chester Papers, 1871-1903 (R-MC 010)
Albert Huntington Chester, chemist, mineralogist, and mining engineer, was on the faculties of Hamilton and Rutgers College. His papers include correspondence to Chester from scientists and friends relating to mineralogy, geology, Chester's expedition to iron mines in Minnesota, and the publication of his books on mineralogy. The papers also include reports, field notes, and site diaries of Chester's geological expeditions, as well as lectures and notes on chemistry, geology, and other related topics.

Clark, Crandon F., 1922- . Guide to the Crandon F. Clark Papers, 1945-2001 (R-MC 075)
This collection consists of documents pertaining to Crandon F. Clark's studies at the Biarritz American University (BAU), an institution established by the US Army for the education of GIs during the occupation of Europe, in the Fall-Winter of 1945. The majority of items in this collection are newspapers or newspaper clippings, primarily US Army or BAU publications. Other items include course materials, a press release, a map of Biarritz, the BAU yearbook and commencement program, a 1998 article from Sud Ouest and a preliminary guide to the collection authored by Crandon F. Clark.

Cooper, Lane, 1875-1959. Guide to the Lane Cooper Papers, 1881-1958 (R-MC 045)
This collection consists of the personal papers and memorabilia of Lane Cooper, scholar, writer, a graduate of Rutgers College (1896) and professor of English language and literature at Cornell University, 1902-1943.

Demarest, David D., 1819-1898. Guide to the David D. Demarest Letters, 1837-1850 (R-MC 029)
A small collection of letters written to David D. Demarest, eight of which are from Joseph P. Bradley (Rutgers College, Class of 1836), later a Supreme Court Justice, when Demarest was at New Brunswick Seminary, 1837-1839, and one letter from Theodore Frelinghuysen, President of Rutgers College, 1850.

Durham, Elizabeth W., 1900-2003. Guide to the Elizabeth W. Durham Papers, 1867-2003 (R-MC 079)
A longtime resident of New Brunswick, N.J., Elizabeth Wyckoff Durham was a member of the first class to attend the New Jersey College for Women in Rutgers University, graduating in 1922. She devoted the remainder of her professional life serving the alumni of Rutgers, including a long tenure as editor of the Rutgers Alumni Monthly. Her papers span the years 1867 to 2003 and document her life as well as that of her family.

Elmendorf, Nicoll Floyd, 1857-1890. Guide to the Nicoll Floyd Elmendorf Letters, 1874-1878 (R-MC 031)
This collection contains 31 letters written by Nicoll Floyd Elmendorf to his sister, Hattie, while he was a student at Rutgers College, 1874-1878. In the letters, Elmendorf relates his social life as a student, covering such topics as football games, parties, boating club events, and working on the school paper.

Forsyth, John, 1810-1886. Guide to the John Forsyth Papers, 1834-1862 (R-MC 026)
John Forsyth graduate from Rutgers College in 1829. His papers consist of three folders of letters and speeches, 1834-1862. Folder one contains letters written to Rev. John Forsyth from parishioners and colleagues, 1834-1862. Folder two contains seven hand-written speeches, apparently by Forsyth, beginning in 1844. Folder three contains three letters written to and from relatives of John Forsyth, 1834-1841.

Gordeuk, Alexander, 1920-2002. Guide to the Alexander Gordeuk Papers, 1942-1996 (R-MC 077)
The collections consists of memoirs, Army Specialized Training Program course materials and Intelligence and Education materials concerning Alexander Gordeuk's service in the US Army during World War II.

Hopewell, Byron. Guide to the Byron Hopewell Peace Core Papers, 1960-1962 (R-MC 084)
The Byron Hopewell - Peace Corps Papers contain Byron Hopewell's class notes from the first Peace Corps training program held at Rutgers University from June 25, 1961 to August 18, 1961 and articles and publications on the first Peace Corps class. It also contains a letter to Robert Sargent Shriver (Director of the Peace Corps) about the need for the volunteers in the field to have representation to communicate with directors and administration; this is further discussed in the Peace Corps Volunteers Representative Committee Notebook. This collection contains a report on the Peace Corps Volunteers in Colombia a year after the program began.

Johnson, Franklyn A. Guide to the Frankly A. Johnson Papers, 1942-1998 (R-MC 137)
A student at Rutgers University in 1940, Franklyn Johnson was involved in myriad organizations and groups on campus in addition to becoming a captain in the Rutgers ROTC in 1942. Shortly after completing his training, Johnson joined the famed Big Red One 1st Infantry Division overseas where he saw combat in Algeria, Tunisia, and Sicily before landing with the first wave on Omaha Beach in the invasion of Normandy. Eventually being wounded and captured behind enemy lines, Johnsons spent several months in a prisoner of war camp in northern France before escaping. Johnson was highly decorated for his service and eventually went on to become a writer, a professor, and the president of both Jacksonville University and California State College in Los Angeles. This collection primarily contains correspondence between Johnson and various officials at Rutgers University and the Rutgers Alumni Monthly magazine during his service. This collection also contains many clippings from New York, New Jersey, and Florida newspapers that mention Johnson through his life, photographs at various ages, as well as programs and speeches from his presidential ceremony at California State College.

Kangler, Mary Clara, 1917-1947. Guide to the Mary Clara Kangler Papers, 1917-1955 (R-MC 041)
The Mary Clara Kangler Papers contain the correspondence, memorabilia, writings, and biographical materials of two sisters. While most of the materials deal with Mary Clara they were collected by her sister Elsie after Clara's death. Mary Clara Kangler was a graduate of the New Jersey College for Women; later known as Douglass College.

Kimack, Michael, 1906-1980. Guide to the Michael Kimack Papers, 1939-1958 (R-MC 085)
The papers of Michael Kimack, spanning from 1939 to 1958, primarily encompass Kimack's service in the United States Navy during the Second World War. The collection also touches upon Kimack's time as a student at the University of Newark, and career in the Erie Railroad claims office.

Kindre, Thomas A., 1921- . Guide to the Diary of 1st Lieutenant Thomas A. Kindre (Rutgers College, Class 1942): Service in Army 34th Division in World War II North Africa/Italy Theaters, June 3, 1943-May 6, 1944 (R-MC 019)
The diary of Thomas. Kindre records the personal observation. The diary is a significant document in that Kindre was not only a college graduate, but an officer. Although some parts resemble those found in diaries of his fellow soldiers, his comparatively more erudite style of writing is apparent. Kindre was more interested in developing a scenic narrative than a record of his routine activities. Moreover, his journalism major in college probably influenced not only on his writing style, but his observations, interpretations, and reasons for recording certain experiences during his tour.

Klion, Stanley R., 1923-1994. Guide to the World War II and Military Papers of Stanley R. Klion, 1942-1958 (R-MC 033)
Stanley R. Klion graduated from Rutgers College in 1942 and entered the U.S. Army during World War II. The papers in this collection consist of personal correspondence between Klion and his parents during his service between 1942 and 1946; military documents and certificates, as well as his "201" or military personnel file, which dates from 1942-1958 and includes records pertaining to physical examinations and medical records regarding his back injury and subsequent surgery. The "201" file also includes correspondence regarding promotions, military training scores and certificates, and other records of his service.

Kozel, Susan and Chris Berzinski. Guide to the Rutgers Grass-Roots and Progressive Activists Files, 1921-1993, 1979-1993(bulk) (R-MC 020)
The Rutgers Grass Roots - Progressive Activist Files span the period 1921 to 1993, inclusive, while the bulk of the collection covers the years 1979-1993 and comprise the records of two student activists, Sue Kozel and Chris Berzinski, who continued their activist involvement after graduating from the University. Most of the files in the collection were created by Kozel and Berzinski as they became involved in numerous protest issues at Rutgers University. This collection is comprised primarily of textual records such as broadsides, correspondence, legislation, minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, press releases, reports and resolutions. Material in other formats consists of a day book, oversize chart, and photographs. Documentation in the collection concern the activities of the Friends of the Rutgers Ecological Preserve (FREP), effects of academic reorganization at Rutgers, and the Coalition in Solidarity with South African Liberation (CISSAL), among others.

McCabe, Douglas L., 1922- . Guide to the Douglas L. McCabe Papers, 1943-1995 (R-MC 076)
The Papers of Douglas L. McCabe encompass his experiences as a US Army officer in World War II, from his days at Rutgers University in the ROTC and ASTP to his service at the Port of Manila as a pier officer and Chief of the port Checker Section. The collection includes orders and reports from his service at the Port of Manila, which deal with logistical issues and theft from the docks, eight copies of the Daily Pacifican, a newspaper published by the US Army in the Pacific, and a 44-page scrapbook.

Neilson, Robert H., 1882-1940. Guide to the Robert H. Neilson Papers, 1921-1940 (R-MC 051)
Papers of Robert H. Neilson, Rutgers College Class of 1903, relating to his activities with the Alumni Association and members of his class, and his service on the Rutgers Board of Trustees, 1936-1940, including his membership on the Committees for finance, honorary degrees, and the New Jersey College for Women.

Photographs from The Scarlet Letter Yearbook, 1940-1965

Robeson, Paul, 1898-1976, Guide to the Paul Robeson Collection, 1916-2006 (R-MC 11)
Paul Robeson was an American actor, athlete, bass-baritone concert singer, writer, and civil rights activist. This collection comprises of material gathered together to document the career of one of Rutgers most famous and influential alumnus. It spans the years 1916 to 1998 and includes newspaper clippings, published articles, books, sound recordings, correspondence, photographs and negatives, bibliographies, and writings.

Rutgers College. Class of 1942. Guide to the Records of the World War II Memorial Planning Committee, 2005-2008 (R-MC 120)
This collection is comprised of correspondence, proposals, building plans, photographs, and newspaper articles concerning the planning, design, and construction of the a memorial dedicated to those Rutgers men and women who lost their lives in World War II. The memorial sculpture is located on the New Brunswick campus near Scott Hall on the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton St., it was dedicated in 2008.

Rutgers College. Class of 1965. Guide to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee, 1989-1995 (R-MC 110)
On December 4th, 1989, the Rutgers College Class of ´65 launched a competition seeking proposals for the design of a Vietnam Veterans Memorial, intended as a class gift. The monument honors Rutgers students who lost their lives or were missing in action during the Vietnam War. The collection is mostly comprised of correspondence concerning the funding and construction of the monument. Also included are project invoices, blueprints, class accounts, press releases for the memorial's inauguration and unveiling, as well as newspaper clippings.

Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II. Guide to Interview Transcripts, 1994-[ongoing] (R-MC 025)
Transcripts of oral history interviews with alumni and alumnae of Rutgers College and Douglass College, concentrating on World War II. Also includes transcripts of interviews with several non-Rutgers affiliated individuals.

Rutgers University Oral History Archives of World War II. Guide to the Rutgers University Veterans History Collection, 1942-1995; bulk 1942-1946 (R-MC 074)
This collection is comprised of materials donated by the participants of the Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War. These include diaries, a scrapbook, a musical album, a US Army-issue New Testament, memoirs, correspondence, military and veteran's organizations publications, maps, military records, photographs, Rutgers memorabilia and clippings.

Rutgers University. Department of Alumni Relations. Rutgers University Biographical Files: Alumni (R-Bio Alumni) (Classes of 1774-1922)
(Classes of 1923-1939) (Classes of 1940-1949) (Classes of 1950-1954) (Classes of 1955-1994)
The Rutgers University Biographical files for alumni consist of documents and photos collected about students. The papers include forms the students filled out while attending Rutgers, newspaper clippings, photos, correspondence, and press releases. Not every student has a biographical file and the files themselves vary in the amount of information they contain.

Rutgers University Photograph Collection

Rutgers University Photograph Collection - Cook College

Rutgers University Photograph Collection - Douglass College

Rutgers University. Special Collections and University Archives Rutgers University Yearbook Collection, 1871-2005.
This collection is comprised of the 466 yearbooks that make up the Rutgers Yearbook Collection. Yearbooks from Camden and Newark College of Arts and Sciences, Newark Law School, Cook College, Douglass College, Livingston College, Rutgers College, Rutgers Medical School, and Mason Gross School of Arts are all represented.

Scagliotta, Edward G., 1927-. Guide to the World War II and Postwar Letters of Edward G. Scagliotta, June 1945-October 1946 (R-MC 073)
The collection consists of 202 letters written to and by Edward G. Scagliotta while he served in the US Navy. Primary correspondents include Edward's mother, Anne Scagliotta, and girlfriend, Louise Maimone. Also included is a Christmas card and an un-mailed post card.

Shotwell, Edmund B, 1901-1962. Manuscript Notes on the Life of Henry Rutgers, 1946-1962 (R-MC 005)
Research notes and reference material compiled by Edmund B. Shotwell for a proposed biography of Henry Rutgers (1745-1830).

Silver, Alan, 1914-1988. Guide to the Alan Silver Papers 1934-1987 (R-MC 23)
The Alan Silver Papers, 1934-1987 comprise the private collection of Rutgers alumnus Alan Silver, relating to his involvement in the Bergel/Hauptmann affair of the 1930's. Silver, a Rutgers student from 1931 to 1935, was instrumental in the formation of the Special Trustees Committee to Investigate the Charges of Lienhard Bergel. This case, involving the alleged firing of a New Jersey College for Women professor for anti-Nazi sympathies, raised doubts about the political alignment of some Rutgers administrative officials. Silver helped to bring nationwide attention to the affair, and succeeded in having the case reopened 50 years later. The files are arranged in a single series, Papers 1934-1987.

Steele, Richard Holloway, 1824-1900. Guide to the Richard Holloway Steele Letters, 1840-1843 (R-MC 030)
This collection contains one folder of seven letters of Richard Holloway Steele, written to his sister Mary Frances Steele, while he was a student at Rutgers College, 1840-1843.

Van Arsdale, Jacob R., 1811-1871. Guide to the Jacob R. Arsdale Letters, 1827-1835 (R-MC 027)
The letters of Jacob R. Van Arsdale include two letters to Jacob's father Isaac, from Jacob's uncle Henry Van Arsdale, on the subject of Jacob's entry into Rutgers College, and one letter to Isaac Van Arsdale from Peter J. Nevius. The remaining correspondence consists of letters from Jacob to his father while a student at both Rutgers College and New Brunswick Theological Seminary and during the initial years of his pastoral ministry.

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Women's History Sources: A Guide to Manuscripts and Archival Collections

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