Rutgers University History

Benevolent Patriot: Henry Rutgers, 1745-1830, by David J. Fowler

An extensive biographical essay on the life and times of Henry Rutgers, Revolutionary war patriot, New York State legislator, brewer, and noted philanthropist for whom Rutgers University is named. The essay is a revised version that originally appeared in the catalog accompanying the exhibition, "Benevolent Patriot: The Life and Times of Henry Rutgers," February 15-July 30, 2010, Special Collections & University Archives, Archibald S. Alexander Library, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.

Rutgers Through the Years

A photographic history of Rutgers University, arranged by decades and including a historical timeline of significant events in the history of the university.

Rutgers Leaders, Rutgers History: Past Presidents

Biographical sketches and images of the leaders of Rutgers University through the present.

From "Seminary of Learning" to Public Research University: A Historical Sketch of Rutgers University

Narrative history of Rutgers University, including its founding as Queen's College in 1766; renaming to Rutgers College in 1824; transformation of the 19th century college; Rutgers and its relationship with the State of New Jersey; the Depression and World War II years; postwar expansion and the State University; and the research university.

Rutgers College and the American Revolution

A digitized version of the John Bogart Letters in Special Collections and University Archives. Bogart, who graduated from Queen's College (Rutgers) in 1778, also served as tutor in the college during the American Revolution following the British occupation of New Brunswick. The forty-two letters are dated from 1776 to 1782 and consist of exchanges between Bogart and friends of Queen College-students, tutors, and president-who provide a glimpse into eighteenth century concerns of college students during a significant event in American history. This digital project, developed by Elaine Bindler, with assistance from Jeffery Triggs in the Rutgers University Libraries, provides digitized versions of both the original handwritten letters and well as a version of the 1914 printed version of the collection and sets the letters in context with pivotal events and issues surrounding the war.

Paths to Historic Rutgers

Historical sketches of the buildings that made up Rutgers in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Towards a New History of Douglass College

Essays developed by students from the Douglass Scholars Program in 1999 and 2000 on various topics concerning the history of Douglass College.

Rutgers Oral History Archives Program

Website for project begun in 1994 to record the memories of Rutgers and Douglass alumni on their experiences during the Second World War. Interviews also explore their college years and postwar years.

Brewing Bachelors: The History of the University of Newark, by Harold S. Wechsler [PDF]

Extensive history of the establishment of the University of Newark in 1936 through the merger of five pre-existing institutions: Dana College, the Newark Institute of Arts and Science, the New Jersey Law School, the Mercer-Beasley Law School, and the Seth Boyden School of Business. Chronicles the development of these institutions in Newark, the growth of the University of Newark and its relationship to the city and state, and documents the delicate negotiations that led to the merger of the University with Rutgers University in 1946.