Alumni Papers and Collections

Allen, Vermont Edward, 1901-1961. Guide to the Papers of Vermont Edward Allen, 1915-1939 (R-MC 084)
This collection consists of the diaries, correspondence, notebooks, and personal papers of Vermont Edward Allen, a 1924 graduate of Rutgers College. This collection also includes the notebooks of his wife Katherine Merriwether Allen. The diaries in particular document Allen's experiences as an African American, as a new college graduate looking for work, and as a teacher in the southern United States. The papers consist of two series I. Vermont Edward Allen Files, and II. Katherine Merriwether Allen File.

Archibald, Lauren Sinclair, 1893-1946. Guide to the Lauren Sinclair Archibald Collection, Rutgers College Class of 1917, 1915-1926 (R-MC 119)
This collection is comprised of records and memorabilia from Lauren Sinclair Archibald's time as a student at Rutgers College, as a Lieutenant in the US Army during World War I, and as a teacher at the Rutgers School of Agriculture.

Boyd, Elizabeth R., Guide to the Elizabeth R. Boyd Historical Collection on Rutgers University, 1795-1956 (R-MC 089)
This collection primarily consists of Rutgers University documents and notes and printed material relating to Rutgers. Many of the original Rutgers University documents were housed in the Rutgers University Archives for a number of years. Then they became separated. At some point, perhaps in the 1950s, these documents came into the possession of Elizabeth R. Boyd, who worked in the Rutgers University Library in the 1930s through the 1950s and was the first curator of the Rutgersensia collection, which was a collection of historical information on Rutgers. Other information regarding painters and paintings was compiled by Alexander Stuart Graham who worked in the Rutgers University Library in the 1920s and 1930s. Although some of the materials were originally housed in different collections, their collation into the Boyd collection has been maintained, with some exceptions. The collection is divided into three series: I. Rutgers University Files, II. William Henry Steele Demarest Files, and III. Boyd/Graham Files.

Bruskin, Harold M., Scrapbook, 1940-1947, (R-MC 138)
A veteran of 9th Infantry Division, Harold M. Bruskin fought and worked as a radio operator throughout the European, African, and Middle Eastern theaters until he was injured on the Normandy front on July 25, 1944. Bruskin was ultimately awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, and a European-African-Middle Eastern (EAME) medal for his service. This collection consists of a large scrapbook featuring correspondence, photographs, clippings, paper money, and ephemera.

Bruyn, Augustus Hasbrouck, 1817-1904. Guide to the Augustus Hasbrouck Bruyn Letters, 1832-1848 (R-MC 028)
The collections consists of 35 letters either written to or by Augustus Bruyn while he was a student at Rutgers College, 1832-1836 as well as latter in his life. The letters are exchanged between Bruyn, family members and friends.

Canfield, Frederick A., Guide to the Frederick A. Canfield Papers, 1858-1923 (R-MC 140)
A collection of the mineralogical and mining, genealogical, and personal papers of an 1870 Rutgers College alumnus.

Chester, Albert Huntington, 1843-1903. Guide to the Albert Huntington Chester Papers, 1871-1903 (R-MC 010)
Albert Huntington Chester, chemist, mineralogist, and mining engineer, was on the faculties of Hamilton and Rutgers College. His papers include correspondence to Chester from scientists and friends relating to mineralogy, geology, Chester's expedition to iron mines in Minnesota, and the publication of his books on mineralogy. The papers also include reports, field notes, and site diaries of Chester's geological expeditions, as well as lectures and notes on chemistry, geology, and other related topics.

Clark, Crandon F., 1922- . Guide to the Crandon F. Clark Papers, 1945-2001 (R-MC 075)
This collection consists of documents pertaining to Crandon F. Clark's studies at the Biarritz American University (BAU), an institution established by the US Army for the education of GIs during the occupation of Europe, in the Fall-Winter of 1945. The majority of items in this collection are newspapers or newspaper clippings, primarily US Army or BAU publications. Other items include course materials, a press release, a map of Biarritz, the BAU yearbook and commencement program, a 1998 article from Sud Ouest and a preliminary guide to the collection authored by Crandon F. Clark.

Cooper, Lane, 1875-1959. Guide to the Lane Cooper Papers, 1881-1958 (R-MC 045)
This collection consists of the personal papers and memorabilia of Lane Cooper, scholar, writer, a graduate of Rutgers College (1896) and professor of English language and literature at Cornell University, 1902-1943.

Demarest, David D., 1819-1898. Guide to the David D. Demarest Letters, 1837-1850 (R-MC 029)
A small collection of letters written to David D. Demarest, eight of which are from Joseph P. Bradley (Rutgers College, Class of 1836), later a Supreme Court Justice, when Demarest was at New Brunswick Seminary, 1837-1839, and one letter from Theodore Frelinghuysen, President of Rutgers College, 1850.

Durham, Elizabeth W., 1900-2003. Guide to the Elizabeth W. Durham Papers, 1867-2003 (R-MC 079)
A longtime resident of New Brunswick, N.J., Elizabeth Wyckoff Durham was a member of the first class to attend the New Jersey College for Women in Rutgers University, graduating in 1922. She devoted the remainder of her professional life serving the alumni of Rutgers, including a long tenure as editor of the Rutgers Alumni Monthly. Her papers span the years 1867 to 2003 and document her life as well as that of her family.

Elmendorf, Nicoll Floyd, 1857-1890. Guide to the Nicoll Floyd Elmendorf Letters, 1874-1878 (R-MC 031)
This collection contains 31 letters written by Nicoll Floyd Elmendorf to his sister, Hattie, while he was a student at Rutgers College, 1874-1878. In the letters, Elmendorf relates his social life as a student, covering such topics as football games, parties, boating club events, and working on the school paper.

Forsyth, John, 1810-1886. Guide to the John Forsyth Papers, 1834-1862 (R-MC 026)
John Forsyth graduate from Rutgers College in 1829. His papers consist of three folders of letters and speeches, 1834-1862. Folder one contains letters written to Rev. John Forsyth from parishioners and colleagues, 1834-1862. Folder two contains seven hand-written speeches, apparently by Forsyth, beginning in 1844. Folder three contains three letters written to and from relatives of John Forsyth, 1834-1841.

Gordeuk, Alexander, 1920-2002. Guide to the Alexander Gordeuk Papers, 1942-1996 (R-MC 077)
The collections consists of memoirs, Army Specialized Training Program course materials and Intelligence and Education materials concerning Alexander Gordeuk's service in the US Army during World War II.

Hopewell, Byron. Guide to the Byron Hopewell Peace Core Papers, 1960-1962 (R-MC 084)
The Byron Hopewell - Peace Corps Papers contain Byron Hopewell's class notes from the first Peace Corps training program held at Rutgers University from June 25, 1961 to August 18, 1961 and articles and publications on the first Peace Corps class. It also contains a letter to Robert Sargent Shriver (Director of the Peace Corps) about the need for the volunteers in the field to have representation to communicate with directors and administration; this is further discussed in the Peace Corps Volunteers Representative Committee Notebook. This collection contains a report on the Peace Corps Volunteers in Colombia a year after the program began.

Johnson, Franklyn A. Guide to the Frankly A. Johnson Papers, 1942-1998 (R-MC 137)
A student at Rutgers University in 1940, Franklyn Johnson was involved in myriad organizations and groups on campus in addition to becoming a captain in the Rutgers ROTC in 1942. Shortly after completing his training, Johnson joined the famed Big Red One 1st Infantry Division overseas where he saw combat in Algeria, Tunisia, and Sicily before landing with the first wave on Omaha Beach in the invasion of Normandy. Eventually being wounded and captured behind enemy lines, Johnsons spent several months in a prisoner of war camp in northern France before escaping. Johnson was highly decorated for his service and eventually went on to become a writer, a professor, and the president of both Jacksonville University and California State College in Los Angeles. This collection primarily contains correspondence between Johnson and various officials at Rutgers University and the Rutgers Alumni Monthly magazine during his service. This collection also contains many clippings from New York, New Jersey, and Florida newspapers that mention Johnson through his life, photographs at various ages, as well as programs and speeches from his presidential ceremony at California State College.

Kangler, Mary Clara, 1917-1947. Guide to the Mary Clara Kangler Papers, 1917-1955 (R-MC 041)
The Mary Clara Kangler Papers contain the correspondence, memorabilia, writings, and biographical materials of two sisters. While most of the materials deal with Mary Clara they were collected by her sister Elsie after Clara's death. Mary Clara Kangler was a graduate of the New Jersey College for Women; later known as Douglass College.

Kimack, Michael, 1906-1980. Guide to the Michael Kimack Papers, 1939-1958 (R-MC 085)
The papers of Michael Kimack, spanning from 1939 to 1958, primarily encompass Kimack's service in the United States Navy during the Second World War. The collection also touches upon Kimack's time as a student at the University of Newark, and career in the Erie Railroad claims office.

Kindre, Thomas A., 1921- . Guide to the Diary of 1st Lieutenant Thomas A. Kindre (Rutgers College, Class 1942): Service in Army 34th Division in World War II North Africa/Italy Theaters, June 3, 1943-May 6, 1944 (R-MC 019)
The diary of Thomas. Kindre records the personal observation. The diary is a significant document in that Kindre was not only a college graduate, but an officer. Although some parts resemble those found in diaries of his fellow soldiers, his comparatively more erudite style of writing is apparent. Kindre was more interested in developing a scenic narrative than a record of his routine activities. Moreover, his journalism major in college probably influenced not only on his writing style, but his observations, interpretations, and reasons for recording certain experiences during his tour.

Klion, Stanley R., 1923-1994. Guide to the World War II and Military Papers of Stanley R. Klion, 1942-1958 (R-MC 033)
Stanley R. Klion graduated from Rutgers College in 1942 and entered the U.S. Army during World War II. The papers in this collection consist of personal correspondence between Klion and his parents during his service between 1942 and 1946; military documents and certificates, as well as his "201" or military personnel file, which dates from 1942-1958 and includes records pertaining to physical examinations and medical records regarding his back injury and subsequent surgery. The "201" file also includes correspondence regarding promotions, military training scores and certificates, and other records of his service.

Kozel, Susan and Chris Berzinski. Guide to the Rutgers Grass-Roots and Progressive Activists Files, 1921-1993, 1979-1993(bulk) (R-MC 020)
The Rutgers Grass Roots - Progressive Activist Files span the period 1921 to 1993, inclusive, while the bulk of the collection covers the years 1979-1993 and comprise the records of two student activists, Sue Kozel and Chris Berzinski, who continued their activist involvement after graduating from the University. Most of the files in the collection were created by Kozel and Berzinski as they became involved in numerous protest issues at Rutgers University. This collection is comprised primarily of textual records such as broadsides, correspondence, legislation, minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, press releases, reports and resolutions. Material in other formats consists of a day book, oversize chart, and photographs. Documentation in the collection concern the activities of the Friends of the Rutgers Ecological Preserve (FREP), effects of academic reorganization at Rutgers, and the Coalition in Solidarity with South African Liberation (CISSAL), among others.

McCabe, Douglas L., 1922- . Guide to the Douglas L. McCabe Papers, 1943-1995 (R-MC 076)
The Papers of Douglas L. McCabe encompass his experiences as a US Army officer in World War II, from his days at Rutgers University in the ROTC and ASTP to his service at the Port of Manila as a pier officer and Chief of the port Checker Section. The collection includes orders and reports from his service at the Port of Manila, which deal with logistical issues and theft from the docks, eight copies of the Daily Pacifican, a newspaper published by the US Army in the Pacific, and a 44-page scrapbook.

Neilson, Robert H., 1882-1940. Guide to the Robert H. Neilson Papers, 1921-1940 (R-MC 051)
Papers of Robert H. Neilson, Rutgers College Class of 1903, relating to his activities with the Alumni Association and members of his class, and his service on the Rutgers Board of Trustees, 1936-1940, including his membership on the Committees for finance, honorary degrees, and the New Jersey College for Women.

Photographs from The Scarlet Letter Yearbook, 1940-1965

Robeson, Paul, 1898-1976, Guide to the Paul Robeson Collection, 1916-2006 (R-MC 11)
Paul Robeson was an American actor, athlete, bass-baritone concert singer, writer, and civil rights activist. This collection comprises of material gathered together to document the career of one of Rutgers most famous and influential alumnus. It spans the years 1916 to 1998 and includes newspaper clippings, published articles, books, sound recordings, correspondence, photographs and negatives, bibliographies, and writings.

Rutgers College. Class of 1942. Guide to the Records of the World War II Memorial Planning Committee, 2005-2008 (R-MC 120)
This collection is comprised of correspondence, proposals, building plans, photographs, and newspaper articles concerning the planning, design, and construction of the a memorial dedicated to those Rutgers men and women who lost their lives in World War II. The memorial sculpture is located on the New Brunswick campus near Scott Hall on the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton St., it was dedicated in 2008.

Rutgers College. Class of 1965. Guide to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee, 1989-1995 (R-MC 110)
On December 4th, 1989, the Rutgers College Class of ´65 launched a competition seeking proposals for the design of a Vietnam Veterans Memorial, intended as a class gift. The monument honors Rutgers students who lost their lives or were missing in action during the Vietnam War. The collection is mostly comprised of correspondence concerning the funding and construction of the monument. Also included are project invoices, blueprints, class accounts, press releases for the memorial's inauguration and unveiling, as well as newspaper clippings.

Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II. Guide to Interview Transcripts, 1994-[ongoing] (R-MC 025)
Transcripts of oral history interviews with alumni and alumnae of Rutgers College and Douglass College, concentrating on World War II. Also includes transcripts of interviews with several non-Rutgers affiliated individuals.

Rutgers University Oral History Archives of World War II. Guide to the Rutgers University Veterans History Collection, 1942-1995; bulk 1942-1946 (R-MC 074)
This collection is comprised of materials donated by the participants of the Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War. These include diaries, a scrapbook, a musical album, a US Army-issue New Testament, memoirs, correspondence, military and veteran's organizations publications, maps, military records, photographs, Rutgers memorabilia and clippings.

Rutgers University. Department of Alumni Relations. Rutgers University Biographical Files: Alumni (R-Bio Alumni) (Classes of 1774-1922)
(Classes of 1923-1939) (Classes of 1940-1949) (Classes of 1950-1954) (Classes of 1955-1994)
The Rutgers University Biographical files for alumni consist of documents and photos collected about students. The papers include forms the students filled out while attending Rutgers, newspaper clippings, photos, correspondence, and press releases. Not every student has a biographical file and the files themselves vary in the amount of information they contain.

Rutgers University Photograph Collection

Rutgers University Photograph Collection - Cook College

Rutgers University Photograph Collection - Douglass College

Rutgers University. Special Collections and University Archives Rutgers University Yearbook Collection, 1871-2005.
This collection is comprised of the 466 yearbooks that make up the Rutgers Yearbook Collection. Yearbooks from Camden and Newark College of Arts and Sciences, Newark Law School, Cook College, Douglass College, Livingston College, Rutgers College, Rutgers Medical School, and Mason Gross School of Arts are all represented.

Scagliotta, Edward G., 1927-. Guide to the World War II and Postwar Letters of Edward G. Scagliotta, June 1945-October 1946 (R-MC 073)
The collection consists of 202 letters written to and by Edward G. Scagliotta while he served in the US Navy. Primary correspondents include Edward's mother, Anne Scagliotta, and girlfriend, Louise Maimone. Also included is a Christmas card and an un-mailed post card.

Shotwell, Edmund B, 1901-1962. Manuscript Notes on the Life of Henry Rutgers, 1946-1962 (R-MC 005)
Research notes and reference material compiled by Edmund B. Shotwell for a proposed biography of Henry Rutgers (1745-1830).

Silver, Alan, 1914-1988. Guide to the Alan Silver Papers 1934-1987 (R-MC 23)
The Alan Silver Papers, 1934-1987 comprise the private collection of Rutgers alumnus Alan Silver, relating to his involvement in the Bergel/Hauptmann affair of the 1930's. Silver, a Rutgers student from 1931 to 1935, was instrumental in the formation of the Special Trustees Committee to Investigate the Charges of Lienhard Bergel. This case, involving the alleged firing of a New Jersey College for Women professor for anti-Nazi sympathies, raised doubts about the political alignment of some Rutgers administrative officials. Silver helped to bring nationwide attention to the affair, and succeeded in having the case reopened 50 years later. The files are arranged in a single series, Papers 1934-1987.

Steele, Richard Holloway, 1824-1900. Guide to the Richard Holloway Steele Letters, 1840-1843 (R-MC 030)
This collection contains one folder of seven letters of Richard Holloway Steele, written to his sister Mary Frances Steele, while he was a student at Rutgers College, 1840-1843.

Van Arsdale, Jacob R., 1811-1871. Guide to the Jacob R. Arsdale Letters, 1827-1835 (R-MC 027)
The letters of Jacob R. Van Arsdale include two letters to Jacob's father Isaac, from Jacob's uncle Henry Van Arsdale, on the subject of Jacob's entry into Rutgers College, and one letter to Isaac Van Arsdale from Peter J. Nevius. The remaining correspondence consists of letters from Jacob to his father while a student at both Rutgers College and New Brunswick Theological Seminary and during the initial years of his pastoral ministry.