Faculty Papers

Adrain, Robert, Guide to the Robert Adrain Collection, 1826-1840 (R-MC 141)
Robert Adrain was a professor of mathematics at Rutgers College, Columbia College, and the University of Pennsylvania. The notebooks in this collection demonstrate his work method, general approach, and drafts of his publications to journals such as Mathematical Diaries as well as several instances of personal record keeping. These papers start at the middle of his teaching career at Rutgers and track his time there as well as at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia College Grammar School.

Agger, Eugene E., 1879-1966. Guide to the Eugene E. Agger Papers, 1935-1956 (R-MC 057)
Dr. Eugene E. Agger studied economics at the University of Cincinnati and Columbia University. He taught economics at Columbia before becoming a professor of economics and head of the Economics department at Rutgers University from 1926-1950. Dr. Agger held many prominent positions in the economics and banking communities and authored several books on those subjects.

Begin, James P. Guide to the James P. Begin Papers, 1956-1985, 1967-1974 (bulk) (R-MC 048)
Textual materials gathered and created by James P. Begin that document the establishment and early history of faculty collective bargaining and the establishment of a chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) at Rutgers University.

Burks, Ardath W., 1915- Guide to the Ardath W. Burks Papers, 1928-1996 (R-MC 083)
The Ardath W. Burks Papers, 1928-1996, are those maintained and created by Ardath W. Burks, Rutgers University administrator and Professor of Asian Studies. The papers contain material relating to both Burks' personal and public activities. Personal activities relate to his family and home life. His relationship with Japan, manifested in many ways, dominates his public activities; Burks' education, military service, promotion of positive relationships between Japan and the United States, and his academic career and endeavors relating to academia comprise elements of his public activities. However, the line of demarcation between the two spheres of activity blurs often, and documents like correspondence frequently contain information related to a myriad of topics, such as his family life, academic activities, and participation in Sister Cities International programs.

Cavin, Susan, Guide to the Papers of Susan Cavin, 1971-1991 (R-MC 007)
Susan Cavin has been a prolific writer and an outspoken supporter of Gay and Lesbian rights. This collection provides readers with examples of her work including information on her dissertation and writings demonstrating her support of the Women's Studies Program at Rutgers. The collection also contains papers about Gay and Lesbian organizations and activities that Cavin was involved with at Rutgers University.

Chang, Stephen S., 1918-1996. Guide to the Stephen S. Chang Papers, 1933-2001, 1960-1988 (bulk) (R-MC 080)
The Stephen S. Chang Papers document the extensive scientific research accomplishments of the former chair of the Food Science department at Cook College, Rutgers University. The collection consists of documents ranging in date from 1933 to 2001. The bulk of documents found in the collection were created from 1960 to 1988. Dr. Chang's research and business dealings with the American Lecithin Company, Kabi Vitrum, Pharmacia and the Lever Brothers companies comprise a significant portion of the collection. Personal photographs and letters as well as international and professional material are also included. Rutgers University policies and information regarding the Food Science department are represented as well. The papers contain a broad representation of formats, including correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, reports, letters, patents and financial/budget plans. Handwritten notes are also found in the collection in addition to newspaper articles, photographs, negatives, programs and brochures.

Chernick, Jack. Guide to the Jack Chernick Papers, 1953-1981, bulk 1960-1980. (R-MC 111)
Records that chronicle Chernick's career as an arbitrator, educator, labor commissioner and researcher over a period of more than thirty years. They document Chernick's accomplishments as a mediator for the American Arbitration Association, his professional interest in, and efforts in support of, the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, and his service with the New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission. The Papers also underscore Chernick's contributions to the development and growth of the Rutgers University School of Labor and Management Relations (SMLR), where he was a professor of industrial relations.

Cohen, Gilbert. The Rutgers–Newark in the 1960s and 1970s Oral History Collection, 1990-1992
The collection consists of cassette recordings of oral history interviews conducted by librarian emeritus Gilbert Cohen. These interviews document the city of Newark and Rutgers University–Newark in the 1960s and 1970s. Sixty people associated with the Rutgers–Newark campus were interviewed including students, faculty, administration, and staff representing a wide spectrum of political beliefs and levels of activism.

Cole, William Harder, 1892-1967. Guide to the William Harder Cole Papers, 1910-1967 (R-MC 009)
William Cole served as a distinguished professor of physiology and biochemistry at Rutgers University from 1928 to 1959. His papers include correspondence, drafts of speeches and articles, reprints of published materials, and other research files that document his scientific career.

The Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience. Inventory to the Records of the Conference on Literature and Urban Experience (CLUE), Rutgers University Newark, April 17-19, 1980, 1978-1983 (R-MC 070)
The Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience (hereafter referred to as "CLUE"), took place on April 17, 18, and 19, 1980, in the Robeson Center, Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. It featured more than 50 distinguished writers and academics discussing a wide range of topics--"literature, theater, film, education, and the visual arts" focusing on the theme of urban experience. Designed as an educational experiment intended to engage a larger, public audience, CLUE intended to reach out to the public at large and engage it in a broad discussion of the modern urban experience. CLUE was an important event in several respects: first, it was an important humanities gathering focusing on a timely theme; second, it was a community outreach experiment; and finally, it succeeded in disseminating materials from the conference in a variety of formats. The records are divided into five separate series: I. Participants' Correspondence and Conference Papers, II. CLUE Organizational Papers, III. Fundraising Efforts, IV. Information on the Rutgers University Press (RUP) Publication Papers, V. Photographs.

Davis, Robert B. (Robert Benjamin), 1926- . Guide to the Robert B. Davis Papers 1957-1997 (R-MC 059)
The Robert B. Davis Papers contain material relating to Davis's career in mathematics education. The collection is composed of notes, correspondence, e-mail printouts, articles and book chapters, course materials, and trip itineraries. Although most of the material pertains to Davis's professional activities, some documents relate to personal matters.

Dinerman, Miriam, Guide to the Papers of Miriam Dinerman, 1925-2010 (R-MC 148)
Miriam Dinerman served in the Rutgers University School of Social Work as a professor from 1960 to 1999, and continued to teach until 2008. This collection holds numerous drafts and published articles by Dinerman as well as legal documentation for the journal Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, notes, and correspondence throughout and after her career at Rutgers.

Doolittle, Theodore Sandford, 1836-1893. Guide to the Theodore Sandford Doolittle Papers, 1857-1930, 1857-1930 (inclusive); 1857-1893 (bulk) (R-MC 002)
A reformed minister and educator, Theodore Sandford Doolittle served as professor of Rhetoric, Logic, and Metaphysics at Rutgers College. He also lectured on architecture, served as Vice President of the college, and acting President. The collection consists of three boxes arranged into a single series. The first includes clippings of lecture notices and miscellaneous articles, a printed syllabus for "Lectures on Architecture;" correspondence, obituaries, clippings and related letters, and portrait photographs of the adult Doolittle at various ages. The other two boxes contain works by Doolittle, including clippings of editorials from the weekly newspaper Christian at Work. There are also manuscript copies of A Historical Sketch of Rutgers College, and handwritten sermons.

Eiger, Norman. Guide to the Norman Eiger Papers (R-MC 112)
The papers consist of primarily textual records that chronicle Eiger's twenty-six year career as an educator and student of labor movements throughout the world. In particular, the Papers document Eiger's faculty and administrative affiliation with the Rutgers University Institute of Management and Labor Relations (IMLR, now the School of Management and Labor Relations, SMLR).

Faculty Alliance for Rutgers (FAR). Inventory to the Records of the Faculty Alliance for Rutgers (FAR), 1985-1998, 1996-1998 (bulk) (R-MC 069)
The Faculty Alliance for Rutgers (FAR) was an organization founded by members of Rutgers faculty in 1996. The Alliance was particularly concerned with faculty governance and the involvement of the faculty in policy decisions. The group formed as the result of their dissatisfaction with University President Francis L. Lawrence (1990-2003). Particular areas of contention were the athletic program at Rutgers, faculty employment issues, and other Lawrence- sponsored initiatives. The records in this collection consist of correspondence, position papers, newsletters, research, and articles of interest. John R. Gillis deposited the FAR records with University Archives on May 26, 2004.

Gillespie, Angus K., 1944-, Guide to the Angus K. Gillespie Papers, ca. 1979-2002, Series I and II: Looking for America on the New Jersey Turnpike and Twin Towers: The Life of New York City's World Trade Center (R-MC 086)
Angus Gillespie is an American Studies professor at Rutgers University. The series in this collection contain records related to two of his books: Looking for America on the New Jersey Turnpike (1989) co-authored with Rutgers University professor Michael Rockland, and Twin Towers: The Life of New York City's World Trade Center (1999). Included in this collection are materials about the destruction of the towers on September 11, 2001. Gillespie added another chapter addressing September 11 in the book's second edition (2002).

Herrmann, Lewis. Guide to the Lewis Herrmann Papers (R-MC 113)
The Lewis M. Herrmann Papers consist of primarily print and photographic records that document Herrmann's personal life and professional career as an educator, publisher, researcher, trade unionist, philanthropist and New Jersey state legislator. Spanning a period of more than four decades, the Papers chronicle key contributions that Herrmann made to the development of the Labor Education Center at Rutgers University's Institute of Management and Labor Relations (IMLR).

Johnson, Walton R. Guide to the Walton R. Johnson Papers, 1949-2001, bulk 1995-1999 (R-MC 082)
The papers of Walton R. Johnson, Professor of Social Anthropology, Department of Africana Studies at Rutgers University, contain material dated between 1949 and 2001. The bulk of the material covers the years 1995 to 1999. The collection was largely assembled by Johnson to chronicle the events at Rutgers University during the spring of 1995, a semester of crisis for the university ignited by racially insensitive remarks made by then Rutgers President Francis L. Lawrence. Johnson gathered copies of the extensive news coverage occasioned by the events at Rutgers. He also gathered research material on minority and race issues that are included in this collection along with some personal papers relating to course work and his own writings. In general, the papers consist of copies of news stories, draft copies, correspondence, position papers, and articles of interest.

Johnston, James A., 1926-1968. Guide to the James A. Johnston Papers, 1934-1965 (R-MC 063)
James A. Johnston's papers document his teaching and research activities as Associate Professor of Agricultural Biochemistry. His papers also reflect his involvement in a study to establish a two-year medical school at Rutgers and in the naming of Rutgers Agricultural College (later Cook College). The records are contained in two series: I. Subject Files and II. Article Reprints.

Krueckeberg, Donald A. Guide to the Papers of Donald A. Krueckeberg, 1962-2008 (R-MC 104)
This collection consists of the correspondences, notebooks, personal papers, scholastic works, publication drafts and notes of Donald A. Krueckeberg, Rutgers University professor of Urban Planning. It also consists of resources used and collected by Dr. Krueckeberg throughout his life as a professor, author, professional and in his personal life.

Martin, William H. Guide to the William H. Martin Collection, 1920-1962 (R-MC 139)
This collection contains materials about William H. Martin, Dean of the College of Agriculture at Rutgers University from 1939 until his retirement in 1960. The bulk of this collection's records cover the years from 1945 to 1960. The materials include photographs, press releases, newspaper clippings, speeches, and ephemeral matter produced on special occasions.

McCormick, Richard L., Guide to the Richard L. McCormick Papers, 1954-2013, bulk 1979-2012. (R-MC 149)
The Richard L. McCormick Papers contain documentation created and accumulative throughout his professional career as a Rutgers faculty member and chair of the History department in New Brunswick, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and nineteenth president of Rutgers University. They were gathered together with the purpose of researching and writing his presidential memoir, Raised at Rutgers: A President’s Story (2014). Upon concluding the manuscript, Dr. McCormick donated the papers to the Rutgers University Archives. The papers include extensive documentation of the major changes that McCormick enacted as president, including the transformation of undergraduate education in New Brunswick, the time and effort spent on raising the profile of Rutgers athletics, the various committees and events held to further diversify the community, making both physical and intellectual improvements to the Rutgers educational experience, and the merger within of most units of the University of Medicine and Dentistry (UMDNJ) into Rutgers in 2013.

McCormick, Richard P., 1916- . Guide to the Richard P. McCormick Papers, 1929-2003 (R-MC 050)
The papers of Richard P. McCormick document the career of a prolific scholar, educator, and college administrator. The papers consist of materials accrued during his life as a historian of the United States, New Jersey, and Rutgers University, and his academic and administrative career at Rutgers University. The collection dates from 1929 to 2003, with the bulk of the material from the period between 1940 and 1997. The records are contained in eighteen series: I. Biographical/Personal, II. Correspondence, III. Speaking Engagements, IV. Research Files, V. Writings and Manuscripts, VI. Historians' Reviews of McCormick's Work, VII. Teaching Materials, VIII. Rutgers University Files, IX. Professional Affiliations and Historical Organizations, X. American Historical Association, XI. American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, XII. New Jersey Historical Commission, XIII. New Jersey Historical Society, XIV. Organization of American Historians, XV. Calendars/Calendar Sheets, XVI. Photographs, XVII. Student, Faculty, and Alumni Papers, and XVIII. Voting Data, Oversized Material, and Census Data.

Medoff, John K. Guide to the Papers of John K. Medoff, 1911-2005 (R-MC 123)
The papers of John K. Medoff document the business, academic, and civic affairs he was involved in throughout his adult life. Medoff began his own pest control business and through it, became highly involved with what became Cook College.

Meisler, George. Guide to the George Meisler Papers (R-MC 115)
The George Meisler Papers consist of primarily textual materials that chronicle Meisler's mid-twentieth-century career as a labor advocate, consultant, editor, educator, mediator, researcher, and student. Among the activities represented in the papers are Meisler's efforts as a proponent of civil rights and his affiliation with various governmental and professional organizations, such as the Association of Labor Mediation Agencies, the New Jersey State Board of Mediation, and the Retail Clerks International Association.

Richards, Pamela Spence, 1944-1999. Guide to the Pamela Spence Richards Papers, 1963-1998 (R-MC 066)
Papers of Pamela Spence Richards, Professor of Library Studies at Rutgers University from 1977 until her death in 1999. The collection consists of publications, reports, reprints of published materials, and correspondence. The papers also document Pamela Richards' service to Rutgers University as chair of the Library and Information Science (LIS) Search Committee, the LIS Scholarship Committee, the LIS Budget Committee and the Curriculum Committee. Works and papers in the collection representative of Professor Richards' service to the scholarly community at large, include records from the boards and committees of the more than fifteen professional associations on which she served; more than twenty journal articles, including some in Russian, French and German; as well as numerous conference proceedings.

Rowen, Herbert Harvey, 1916-1999. Guide to the Papers of Herbert H. Rowen, 1948-1999 (R-MC 135)
This collection consists of material created by Herbert H. Rowen, noted Dutch and Early Modern Historian and professor of history at Rutgers University. It includes copies of Rowen's published works, copies of his Master's thesis and PhD dissertation, as well as information about his scholarly activities and teaching career.

Stauber, Leslie A., 1907-1973. Guide to the Leslie A. Stauber Papers, 1927-1973 (R-MC 008)
Dr. Leslie A. Stauber attended Rutgers as a student and later returned as a professor of zoology. He was prominent in the fields of zoology and microbiology and served on many boards and committees both within and outside of the university community. This collection contains his papers and his personal and professional correspondence along with photographs.

Stetin, Sol. Guide to the Sol Stetin papers, 1935-1992, bulk 1972-1989 (R-MC 106)
The Sol Stetin Papers consist of primarily textual records that chronicle Stetin's career as an educator and proponent for organized labor over a period of more than fifty years. They document Stetin's personal and professional association with various divisions and programs at Rutgers University, along with his work as an independent labor consultant and researcher, and a campaign that Stetin led on behalf of the Textile Workers Union.

Tiger, Lionel. 1937-. Guide to the Lionel Tiger Papers, 1958-2011 (R-MC 117)
This collection documents Lionel Tiger's career as a renowned anthropologist. Tiger has devoted most of his career to teaching anthropology at Rutgers University and currently holds the title of Charles Darwin Professor Emeritus of Anthropology. The collection includes materials that relate to all aspects of his career including correspondence, publications, research notes, and teaching files as well as documentation of his involvement in professional organizations and role as a consultant to the U.S. Government.

Vertrees, Joseph H. Guide to the Joseph H. Vertrees Papers, 1911-1988, bulk 1925-1959 (R-MC 114)
The Joseph H. Vertrees Papers consist of primarily textual records that document the legacy of a notable American educator and authority on industrial relations. In particular, the Papers chronicle the contributions that Vertrees made to the Rutgers University Extension Department and to the University's Institute of Management and Labor Relations (IMLR).

Waksman, Selman A., 1888-1973. Guide to the Selman A. Waksman Papers, 1916-1977 (R-MC 003)
Selman A. Waksman, a Rutgers University professor of Microbiology, is best known for the discovery of streptomycin. His papers include materials related to his work as a microbiologist, publications by and about him, patent litigation and patent royalty files, which include litigation brought about by Albert Schatz regarding the discovery of streptomycin. They also include photographs, notebooks kept by his secretaries, and memorabilia commemorating his career and his contributions to science.

Zatlin, Phyllis, 1938-. The Phyllis Zatlin Papers, 1946-2009 (R-MC 107)
The Phyllis Zatlin Papers document Zatlin's scholarship in the field of Spanish theater and literature and her work as both a professor and administrator at Rutgers University. The materials include personal and professional correspondence, playscripts, articles, and audio visual materials.