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Smith Library Faculty and Staff Directory

Namesort descending Department Phone E-mail
Abad, Josemiro Interlibrary Loan 973-972-5319 abadjd@libraries.rutgers.edu
Allen, Kim Interlibrary Loan 973-972-7456 johnsoke@libraries.rutgers.edu
Blankenhorn, Nancy Information and Education 973-972-7840 blankenh@libraries.rutgers.edu
Bradshaw, Cherron Circulation 973-972-8538 cherron.bradshaw@rutgers.edu
Camposagrado, Ricardo Administration 973-972-5317 camposrq@libraries.rutgers.edu
Ciallella, Elizabeth Circulation 973-972-8538 cialleem@libraries.rutgers.edu
Cohn, Judy Director 973-972-0560 cohn@libraries.rutgers.edu
Desir, Jonas Media and Micro. Ctr. 973-972-0571 desirjd@libraries.rutgers.edu
Dreker, Margaret Librarians 973-972-9549 margaret.dreker@rutgers.edu
Fitzpatrick, Roberta Bronson Administration 973-972-5498 fitzparb@libraries.rutgers.edu
Friday, Jamie Interlibrary Loan 973-972-5319 fridayjl@libraries.rutgers.edu
Ghajar, Mina Librarians 973-972-1874 mina.ghajar@rutgers.edu
Haggenmiller, Alicia Circulation 973-972-8538 ah1023@libraries.rutgers.edu
Huang, Anna Media and Micro. Ctr. 973-972-3668 huanga1@libraries.rutgers.edu
Hutton, Jacqueline Circulation 973-972-4581 huttonjj@libraries.rutgers.edu
Jewell, Sarah Librarians 973-972-7556 sarah.jewell@rutgers.edu
Mitre, Ermira Circulation 973-972-8538 ermira.mitre@rutgers.edu
Mobley, Corisa Administration 973-972-6528 mobleyco@rutgers.edu
Modica, Stephen Librarians 973-972-9550 modicasf@libraries.rutgers.edu
Oblad, Teddoro (Ted) Systems 973-972-9541 obladtr@rutgers.edu
Sosnowska, Elizabeth Librarians 973-972-4360 elizabeth.sosnowska@rutgers.edu
Toussaint, Mendes Media and Micro. Ctr. 973-972-6429 toussame@libraries.rutgers.edu
Vietrogoski, Robert Librarians 973-972-7830 bob.vietrogoski@rutgers.edu
Williams, Christine Circulation 973-972-8538 cwilliam@libraries.rutgers.edu
Williams, LaTisha Circulation 973-972-8538 willialc@libraries.rutgers.edu
Wilson, Philip Interlibrary Loan 973-972-5319 pwilson@libraries.rutgers.edu
Zhu, Yini Librarians 973-972-9551 zhuy2@libraries.rutgers.edu