Smith Library Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Departmentsort descending Phone E-mail
Camposagrado, Ricardo Administration 973-972-5317
Mobley, Corisa Administration 973-972-6528
Ciallella, Elizabeth Circulation 973-972-8538
Hutton, Jacqueline Circulation 973-972-4581
Williams, Christine Circulation 973-972-8538
Williams, LaTisha Circulation 973-972-8538
Mitre, Ermira Circulation 973-972-8538
Cohn, Judy Director 973-972-0560
Abad, Josemiro Interlibrary Loan 973-972-5319
Friday, Jamie Interlibrary Loan 973-972-5319
Dreker, Margaret Librarians 973-972-9549
Modica, Stephen Librarians 973-972-9550
Sosnowska, Elizabeth Librarians 973-972-4360
Zhu, Yini Librarians 973-972-9551
Ghajar, Mina Librarians 973-972-1874
Vietrogoski, Robert Library Faculty 973-972-7830
Desir, Jonas Media and Micro. Ctr. 973-972-0571
Huang, Anna Media and Micro. Ctr. 973-972-3668
Toussaint, Mendes Media and Micro. Ctr. 973-972-6429
Oblad, Teddoro (Ted) Systems 973-972-9541